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  1. It did turn out to be EMI interference after all. I went up a logging road to get clear of any power lines. First tried the DD then the mono with no issues. Nice smooth threshold hum. Now just have to learn which hits to dig. I know....dig em all. Lol
  2. Still very new to the gpx. I go through the routine of EMI reduction and then GB, but even when absolutely motion less, every 5 seconds I get a warbling sound that lasts for about a second or so. When I start to swing a bit, it still does that warbling at the same interval. This is with the 11 commander DD. I haven’t tried this with the mono yet. I do have a single phase 7200V line about 200’ away. All settings are at factory presets. I have tried adjusting RX gain and stabilizer without success. The only thing that smooths it out is the cancel switch. Is this a common occurrence? I’ve searched 25 pages of Minelab forum pages (here) to root out the answer, but no luck yet. Thank you
  3. Geology here varies greatly. Where mountains meet the ocean. Lots of iron and some bronze artifacts left over from lode mining days of course. There’s quite a variety minerals, even rare earth but just like anywhere, it depends on location. I’m betting a lot of benign ground but then again pyrite is wide spread too. Should be interesting with the mono coil. I tested it on a .34g spongy nugget I found and it didn’t ring on it. But I’m sure it wasn’t set up to optimum. So much to learn...
  4. Right, I just had to ask though..wasn’t about to try. Different plugs anyway upon closer inspection, probably different animals too.
  5. Wow! Great responses. Thank you! I did read elsewhere about the DD in mono trick. I do have a 6” DD Minelab coil for my xterra 18.75 kHz that appears to have the same plug as the gpx, but don’t want to damage anything. Only have a about 2 or hrs of time on the gpx, and that’s on my property where there is likely some large ferrous items buried there from a previous owner. I need some virgin ground that is less trashy so I can experiment a bit. Detecting my lot is a crash course in insanity. So many large hits makes it frustrating to practice. Southeast Alaska is my home, but it’s not exactly in the gold belt here. I have so much to learn yet, but that is what keeps my interest. Steve
  6. Hello all. I’m new to this forum and am seeking advice on my detector. I recently acquired my dads gpx5000. It’s a big step up from my ML xterra 705. He gave me 2 commander coils. An 11” mono and an 11” DD as well as a coiltek 12x18 goldstalker mono. Previous to this, I was interested in the GM1000 because of its ability with smaller gold. My question is can I make this gpx as good or better for small gold as the GM1000 by using a smaller coil. As you can tell I’m relatively new to this. Lol Thank you Steve
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