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  1. Well. What a revelation these things are 🙂 Wow. Pair beautifully to the 6000 and the audio seems clearer than the inbuilt speaker. Nice to have speakers below the ears. Could turn volume down on 6000 and get a nice smooth threshold. Nice and secure around neck. Forget valcro idea, dont need it. Minelab, if you are reading, get a deal going with Advantree stat! 🙂
  2. Happy to air test the 6000 v 7000 on a 100g nugget....... If someone sends me one ðŸĪŠ PM for address 🙂
  3. Awesome 🙂 Thanks! Was it just a case of switching both to pairing mode?? Well done on the new patch!! Go get 'em!!
  4. I can say that the 6000 detects a tiny leadshot 100% better than the 7000 does 🙂 How do I know?? because I detected one right near a hole I got gold out of with the 7000 and I know I swung the 7000 over it. I own and use both. Am I going to do air tests? Nope. I have better things to do with my detecting time and there are so many variables that they are often meaningless anyway 😉 What I will do though is report back what I am finding with each detector in real detecting environments. The 7000 amazed me....Now the 6000 has taken the amazement to a whole different level. Its ping
  5. Both bluetooth aptx-LL so cant see why not 🙂 Will let you know saturday....
  6. Arrived in the post 🙂 First impressions: Smaller than what they look like in pics. Light, very light. Fit snuggly around neck. Didnt fall off when I did a few practice bends 🙂 Will try them on weekend with 6000....
  7. I learnt early on that lying is good in the gold game 🙂 "getting any?" "nah, nothing...just a couple of small ones" "Where did you get them?" "Well you know when your heading out north about 6 km's and theres a track up on your left that goes to an old windmill with a broken fence near it?" "Yeah i know that spot" "Well its nowhere near there"..... Some of my spots, I literally have about 6 different ways in and out so people cant pick my tracks.... 🙂
  8. A 2 ounce chicken Nugget....I'd take that too 🙂
  9. Awesome. I bit the bullet and grabbed a pair too 🙂 How do they feel on the neck?? Do they slide off if you bend over to pick up a 2 ounce nugget off your kitchen floor??? 🙂
  10. Yeah that was my concern too....maybe velcro?? As Redz pointed out, running from pigs or dogs, I wouldnt want to have to stop to pick the thing up 🙂
  11. Making mental note to avoid detecting in FNQ 🙂 very much looking forward to seeing how they go. I was thinking maybe velcro on unit and on detecting shirt to make sure doesnt fall off???....Or maybe they are normally secure.
  12. Sorry Norvic, feels like we have hijacked your thread! Theres are a great idea! I have always been a fan of speakers under my ears and I have a pathological (almost neurotic) fear of wild dogs pouncing on my back, so have always avoided headphones! Looking forward to feeback to see how they go!
  13. Thanks JP. I will try no threshold again then, maybe this time with dual speakers and a B&Z booster 🙂 I managed to stay in auto with threshold the other day...Threshold does get chattery with EMI, but noise cancel works. great machine. I still have my 7000 for when the need to search for big deep gold arises.
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