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  1. Big Treasure today😁 i went back over a parking area used since early 80s that id previously dug with BH Tracker 4 mod that id gotten 17 bucks in pennies dimes quarters as well as cupla sterling rings. There were only 3 nickels in that amount. I think 3 diff hunts. 2day i used nox 600 an dug every target from 11 up in field 1 factory. I thought id surely have bunch of nickels. Nope. Not a 1. And only 1 2005 lincoln as only coin found. Rest was pretty much what i figured as trash with BH but wasnt sure. I myself find that surprising. I later expanded my catch of can slaw pull an poptops on diff
  2. Theres whats left of ol pine that turpentiners had worked for a while it appears by amount of carving done. Lmao i thought it was some kinda weird totem pole we discovered 🀣
  3. Ps ty for the reminder about warranty. Also i saw yall conv about scoops an carbon fiber etc in classifieds. I reckon ill b needn 1 of the kool scoops with scicle handle,for sand. Any ideas on gitn say coins off hard clay with very lil sand or gravel? Lol other than divin
  4. Yes,yes sir i am,or rather was passin thru an old abandoned 1.
  5. πŸ‘πŸ‘ ty for that answer. I hadnt really paid em much mind other than the necking,as i was studying where entrance ways etc may be and or what mayve came 1st. Naval rifle range or p.o.w,s? Together? Yes it is a p.o.w site,im havin limited success findin location specific info on this particular 1,thisun didnt house the officials but id think thered still b few coins or relics to b had and lots an lots of practice on purrrrfect plugs,after we dry up lil bit. Ive done more walkin lookn last few days as try to go with the flow of mother nature. Im not native to this location,they once boasted of the
  6. I really appreciate your reply and i apologize if im late or lax in responding to yourself and others. I truly appreciate all feedback,so if you or others ever see me headed somewhere you know or strongly believe a word of advice or warning,will always be considered. Lol im a greenhorn and ignorant of many things besides metal detecting. I doubt ive got enuff time left to catch up to where many of ya'll are now. That bein said,once i find myself involved & Interested,Im In. I see and understand that Locations play biggest part of Success,well that and actually diggin. Very similiar to furt
  7. Cool finds,is that a skeleton of saltwater catfish in top of 1 pic? I cant find my spectacles momentarily 😁 also im pretty certain you can only b Trespassed if you refuse to leave and its a civil matter. Not that i would myself or encourage anyone else to infringe on anothers property. Thing is imho there are a few folks that have no prob infringing on others rights of use of Public Property. I see it often. Especially further south of ya. I lived in Homerville ga for a spell,jus other side of okefenokee swamp from ya. There were quite a few places around there that,lookn back on it would like
  8. Sounds good there mr popeye,that is sum bootiful country,gramps was from Bangor area and ive invaded by sea a time or 2. Ive seen a few utubes of fella goes by Aquachigger where he,s visitin a downeaster Capn Billy an they make some really cool finds as well as bein very comical an entertaining. I know from experience yall have real tidal differences there that could open up wonderful treasuresπŸ‘πŸ‘
  9. Hi there mr popeye,i appreciate the friendly greetings from you all. This site is a Treasure and i sincerely mean that,its so well laid out and expansive coverage of things i could just not know of,beforehand but,are facinating. Lmbo its cutting into my choices decision time as i go gold prospecting or on far off huntin trip with someone else lol even then im learning something. Im amazed at mr steve h,s ability to compile all this into such an tidy format and still be able to accomplish anything else,bless him surely. I couldve only dreamed of this kinda knowledge bein so easily accessible on
  10. Thnx Dog,i like both of youre mentioned choices. Kinda leanin towards simplex as waterproof but,may yet go with nox600. Thnx for reply an encouragement. Im good with constructive criticism also. Lol 1 time long ago i had an ol capn that was in fact an old an really good experienced capn but as i was new aboard id heard stories of how many were intimidated by his cussin an hollerin 🀣 well even back then i knew for a fact that cussin an hollerin do have their usefulness. So me being the direct straight forward kinda guy i am and to remove any unnecessary confusion in height of battle on weather
  11. Im comfy round pirates,the dainty kinda concern me😁
  12. Yes sir,if i couldve wouldve and lastly,Shouldve found this site 6 months ago or detectin 30yrs ago,i can only imagine the money i spent on other things bein spent on upgrades of detectors 😁 im narrowing it down slightly,actually the nox 600 was my 2nd choice after AT Max. I like quite a few of lessor priced an diff brands,models. I keep comin back to waterproof and all around versatility as with the multi frequency and ease of use digital displays. I "think" something like 3-5 tones would be a lot better than the 2 im hearing now. Ive figured diff way to play with this one but,its kinda clums
  13. Yup thanks for the encouragement. Im about to go diggin now. Take care an thanks for replying,ive seen some of your posts last nite i bleve,im thinkin bout doin a turkey shoot on 4-5 of my machine choices and go with best pattern. Take care an i hope ya find somethin sweet on next swing.
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