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  1. Im very pleased with my nox 600,its just gitn better and better as i learn more about it,and locations. I decided to take lil break becuz of traffic people and noise on beaches here. Wx has been kinda crappy and i dont have waterproof hp,s yet,ive been using a set of samsung wired ear pieces that actually work as well as stock hp,s imho and are much cooler and length of wire seems to b just right for ease of use. Theyre the type that hang over an behind ear. I tried set of i-airpods but they had serious delay and i couldnt keep em installed in ear anyhow😁 i also figured out i needed to increase iron volume just a tad as id miss the 1st lil grunt lots of times,causing me to dig lots of extry bottle caps. Not a biggie but id just as soon not if ive a choice. Ive found Beach 1-2 with F2 setting of 1-2 with Tones 2-5 and Sensitivity from 18-22 w/regular emi and ground balancing to work pretty smooth on wet/dry sand and shallow very low salinity water. Oh i also run in Horseshoe or All metal mode. I also shortened shaft length 6" and was amazed at how coil seemed to drop few lbs of nose weight. Id had it fully extended thinkin i cud cover more area faster. Ofcourse i always will have to try all Hard and unorthodox methods of reinventing the wheel before tryin whats known to work,slowed my swing and started studying more on skinnin the very surface w/out ricochet or collisions. I kinda have played round with recovery speed but seems at least for this area Recovery speed 3 works best. Lol 1st nite i took off from beach i got to jonesin fer lil beep beep brrp action an hit yard here. Lol after the oh so trashy bch signals,just a half dz poptops and few screws nails and junk iron sig were a walk in park in exchange for Taco money i pickdup. Ive really wanted to hit creeks but with rain weve had theyve been runnin lil higher an hotter than usual so far. Im fairly patient tho,i also got roped into helpin with lil bulkhead an pier repair so,i may getthe coiltek 9x5 a lil sooner if any are available. After reading about i think 1 may make life even better at trashy bch. 👍👍 G'Luck to all of you. Sic semper tyrannis
  2. You Couldnt swing a dead cat,without it hitn on 1 a them thar lead bobbers🤷‍♂️🏴‍☠️😁 thats last 2 hunts approx 8-10hrs. Im gonna have to let my arms rest so ill b able to stick a few flatties on next set of darks now. Damifiknow how yall do it🍻. I literally just have to shut machine down an walk away,and here i was worrying about battery life🤣 dammed equinox is gonna be death of me👍👍
  3. Lol thanfully No,thats from last 2 hunts on a particular part of beach,there was actually cupla more bag fulls that i dumped in their trashcans as my pouch was full. Im not sure what if anything the trash may b masking but,it was helluva diff in signals from 1 nite to next😁. I do tend to dig all,except when im cherrypickin 😉. I see it as incentive as well as just seems good karma to balance Give/Take. So i told myself. Since theres so much trash,i will remove whatever tricks me into digging it,fair enuff? Its a wonder there isnt more folks life flighted out with gushin arterial leakages. No way id go barefoot anymore. Everywhere ive been on creeks rivers beaches has had lotta trash lately. This is kinda surprising as i really havent been playin on them for quite a while,yet i have seen all the public advertising and promotion concernin their Green Blue ways and talks of trash pickups and removal. I can understand storm debris,and im not a greenpeace activist fer shur but it seems many for whatever reason,will jus walk away from an obvious mess. The broken bottle glass on creeks an rivers,feel free to use pics. Ive mentioned to several of my sometimes companions that have children,we oughta all get 2gether an make an effort to remove as much as possible in way of garbage. They all agreed,actually Doing it,remains to b seen😁Maybe? Im ready for sum more creek,we been havin so much rain its hard to catch water levels down in creeks. Looks as if we have baby monsoon comin over this wknd. Mebbe itl rearrange some beaches.
  4. Thanks for that advice. I ended up getting the nox 600 and have had a blast attempting to learn more about it,hands on. I really do appreciate the advice on "tones" . In my ignorance i assumed at 1st the tones were more of personal preference but,since ive read that they do have their own purpose in more completely or at least attempting to define the target for you by spreading the sig out an not jus cramming them into 2 sections or bins as ive seen steve say. That makes sense. Ill admit the 50 tones is somewhat confusing to me,and ive been stickin to 2-5 on the 600 but ive been using to 50 to attempt to understand it,in yard air tests. Target recovery and depth tests. Jus to familiarize myself somewhat more in my mind what the machine is doing. I can only guess at the many diff variables. Speaking of that,last nite i saw quite a bit of fairly deep clad coins while huntin low tide,the top 4-6" of sand was wet but,the dadgum coins were in a sumwhat dryer layer beneath. Quite a few had a dry layer of sand,crud encapsulating them. I was huntin the lil cuts an gullys that still had lil water in em. Soft sand packed sand,gravel and oyster shell as well as dry sand all seem to act lil diff and in diff areas. As well as how once i open a hole the pinpoint goes loopy. Then also havin several targets an diggin 1 to flip out on top of other😁 ima workn on learnin. Thanks to all of you who share your knowledge 👍👍
  5. I love the 600,and such as yourself,i bleve t could love the 800 harder😁 definitely can see the advantages in settings. I,ll see your trash and raise some trash🤣,i wonder why i havent found any junk silver coins or ihp or buffalos amongst all the other "Treasure"?
  6. Hi Yall, I think you,re All right 😁 The Law seems to be rather arbitrary and decided by the highest rankin barr member in the room,as with most other "laws" for quite some time now. Possibly 1865ish🤷‍♂️ lol heck im mostly joshin. Seriously ive seen,heard numerous opinions and varies from state to state,even county to county or parish. Several yrs ago,the issue was being pressed in Louisiana and the legal opinion of the day was,If you strayed outside a marked channel, You were trespassing,Without landowners written permission. There was a Redfishing tournament goin on and someone seen fit to disqualify the Winner as he,d plainly stated where he,d caught his fish,which was a spot historically known and fished by many but,with political an legal issues going on at the time,he was disqualified as violating good ethics rules of tournament by trespassing because he couldnt produce written permission. Neither could any others i imagine🤣 in se corner of state,its mostly all oil & gas leases of very large areas,and bayous are or were the highways to get Anywhere,forever it was generally considered if it was navigable by pirogue,you had Right to pass or travel or stop an fish as long as ya stayed in boat. Wealthy sportsman stepped in after crash of furmarkets and tookover and started fencing off bayous everywhere. The fencing got kinda shot down as Right to Travel prevailed. Then i saw the sports fishin cf. Im in Mississippi and ive seen issues on coast twixt state gov an folks who owned prop on beach but,a highway separated the prop and gov wanted to claim it. Not sure how that worked out. Jus here recently as i researched some myself,pertaining to the public beaches,i saw what appeared to b legit legal brief on Mississippi Riparian landowners on creeks,rivers and stated riparian landowners owned property to middle of waterway,public should be allowed thru travel but basically thats it,up to the landowners after that. 🤷‍♂️ i havent been bothered Yet but,i tend to keep low respectful profile and dont abuse dubious freedoms. As far as beaches,theyve not bothered me at all,im doin them a favor by removing garbage 🤣 i see some say theyd dig All conductive targets,im purty sure theyre not on a ms beach. Ive had to start forcing myself to Not do so. Just so i can see diff stretches of it🤣🤣 ive found few pieces of jewelry,buncha corroded up useless zincolns and oodles an smoodles of tiny to rather large pieces of aluminum an tin roofing/siding & whole and decayed alum cans,poptops pulltabs bottle caps of every design. Some sections the outright garbage isnt bad but the tiny as in every number available pieces of alum are Everywhere,i hadnt messed around on coast much since katrina took it out in 05 an theres been several not as bad since,i guess the metal is from storm damage and the resultant cleanup aftermath. Theyd jus start huge piles of Life on beaches for property owners to haul wreckage to,and theyd likely jus start bulldozing towards those piles,to b hauled off later,Except all the small stuff. Theres also large storm drains that run under highway an empty just off beach. If i think of all the huge warehouses that lined gulfport ship harbor i can see where lot of metal came from,most does seem aged. I admit its been dam good practice,ifn i can learn my lil 600 here,i should be able to walk the dog on a relatively clean beach. I Still dig All,Lol Till i Cherrypick like Steve mentioned in that Great thread i just reread last nite for 3rd time,Nickels & Pulltabs and Gold signals. If i only got 1 10k small ladies band for every 5 kellyco relic pouches ive filled with small pieces,id b even happier🤣 im not kiddin. I welcome a seasoned veteran of jewelry hunts to accompany me. Plz i beg of U,show me a Tell🤣. I really want to thank everyone of you for Whatever content you may have added to this site. I read it All. Yall can put the non ML,rs down on Garrett site,lol as i saw Steve lamenting over yest. Its All Good with me,Long as yer Honest. Im a big boy an mom told me sticks an stones will break bones but,Words will never hurt ya. Rip Mom,you tried. 😇 Seriously,Steve youve a great site,so fulla content,itd take years to learn on your own if Ever. Some content May smell lil bit but,Hey that adds character id say long as it didnt get vile or dishonest🤷‍♂️ ill post a few pics of my "Treasures"in morn. Gotta catch this tide,we may have lil breeze an wave action to remodel sum shoreline in nex few days👍👍 Bet yall didnt know the nox 600 had a flounder search program😉,as long as i can keep from bein stabbed shot or arrested fer trespassing its likely gonna b a Great day. H/T to All yall wise Geezers🏴‍☠️
  7. Big Treasure today😁 i went back over a parking area used since early 80s that id previously dug with BH Tracker 4 mod that id gotten 17 bucks in pennies dimes quarters as well as cupla sterling rings. There were only 3 nickels in that amount. I think 3 diff hunts. 2day i used nox 600 an dug every target from 11 up in field 1 factory. I thought id surely have bunch of nickels. Nope. Not a 1. And only 1 2005 lincoln as only coin found. Rest was pretty much what i figured as trash with BH but wasnt sure. I myself find that surprising. I later expanded my catch of can slaw pull an poptops on diff farm where the i think the hired help traded labor directly for beer in cans,which they then drank at random across 40 acres,with added entertainment of rippin square tops off as they went😬 i did find a lil bunch of wild pigs that may soon add entertainment,seems nice cool wx this wk may even help✌
  8. Theres whats left of ol pine that turpentiners had worked for a while it appears by amount of carving done. Lmao i thought it was some kinda weird totem pole we discovered 🤣
  9. Ps ty for the reminder about warranty. Also i saw yall conv about scoops an carbon fiber etc in classifieds. I reckon ill b needn 1 of the kool scoops with scicle handle,for sand. Any ideas on gitn say coins off hard clay with very lil sand or gravel? Lol other than divin
  10. Yes,yes sir i am,or rather was passin thru an old abandoned 1.
  11. 👍👍 ty for that answer. I hadnt really paid em much mind other than the necking,as i was studying where entrance ways etc may be and or what mayve came 1st. Naval rifle range or p.o.w,s? Together? Yes it is a p.o.w site,im havin limited success findin location specific info on this particular 1,thisun didnt house the officials but id think thered still b few coins or relics to b had and lots an lots of practice on purrrrfect plugs,after we dry up lil bit. Ive done more walkin lookn last few days as try to go with the flow of mother nature. Im not native to this location,they once boasted of the worlds largest pickling company here,along with turpentine an timber,matter of fact i found what appears to used to b purty good size turpentine distillery yest by looks of refuse an concrete pads. There was literally a small hill of ol collecter pans an scrap iron. I tried lil detectin where it was drier to no avail,except fer broken whiskey jug an ol rootbeer bottle and a lil copperhead,it wasnt rainin so it was all in all just a most enjoyable day,and ima do same thing 2day. Only diff is,i have no planned destination this morn,except to see whats over yonder. Thought bout beach but,ill wait lil bit an see if the better half mite b interested in a few days at beach,may even bring the pup. Kinda waitn on creek waters to recede an warm lil,bcuz thats what i think i like most bestest. I spent all my life at sea,or biggest part,nowadays im partial to freshwater an shade😁 cupla col beers. No worries mate. Gday😉
  12. Are you perchance a DownEaster?
  13. I really appreciate your reply and i apologize if im late or lax in responding to yourself and others. I truly appreciate all feedback,so if you or others ever see me headed somewhere you know or strongly believe a word of advice or warning,will always be considered. Lol im a greenhorn and ignorant of many things besides metal detecting. I doubt ive got enuff time left to catch up to where many of ya'll are now. That bein said,once i find myself involved & Interested,Im In. I see and understand that Locations play biggest part of Success,well that and actually diggin. Very similiar to furtrapping,findin what may be likely locations and gainin permissions,for me will be toughest part. The worst is,hunting seasons will coincide with my preferences of time to get really adventurous as temps,bugs and reptiles are more user friendly during our 1-2wk period of 2-3 days ina row even hovering round freezing mark🤣 nah but,as im sure your aware of "Mostly" bug&reptile Less periods. Ive experienced Tick fever,funny part is i did it in area that i rarely got ticked. It was back in 90s and luckily id jus read article about it in Outdoors magazine,i had tick attach itself right tween shoulder blades while in brush in late August cuttn poles for gator lines an had better half remove it,all rest of day that spot itched like crazy,i was like dam ol razorback findin tree to rub scratch on,later that eve after id showered,i got better half to take a look an see what she thought. Other than itching it hadnt affected me,she says,Its all red around the bite. I flipped open that magazine to picture of trademark bullseye an asked,does look like that? Yep. Shit. No Way i thought to myself. This was thurs eve,i said if it gets worse ill go see doc monday. The nex day by noon i was at emergency room,splittin headache chills fever,whole dam body ached. I explained to doc an he had to look it up,then agreed an give months worth of Cipro along with shot. By nex morning i felt better like id likely live but ill tell ya what,i was in my prime an that knocked me down like not much else ever had an ive my share of battle scars. Besides them dam ticks are jus creepy. Im in diff geographical loc now and ive seen ticks,especially the dam lil seed ticks jus b horrendous in certain areas,and very few to none in others🤷‍♂️ just like with reptiles,i have respect for em these days. I know theyre bout everywhere an i warn any an all to at least b aware of and chek yourselves good whenever leavin their habitat. I always where Bering sea or cajun reboks in woods,it seems with my pantslegs bein tucked Into boots,mebbe the fact theyre rubber an slick? I pick up far fewer ticks then my buddies wearin boots or tennis shoes with open pants cuff creatin pathway up fer the lil buggers. Enuff a that,im itchin jus thinkin bout it😬 Now Good news. I decided on Nox 600 and have been soppin wet an fingerin thru mudballs fer last 3-4 days tryin to learn more bout the operation of,so i went to worst dam place i cud think of rite off bat😁 an ol ww2 p.o.w an naval small arms training site, thats now big recreational campin fishin huntin an horseback ridin area since 60s w/lead,casings,poptops,pulltops,canslaw,a zillion long forgotten campfires with plenty of melted alum cans,nuts bolts an hardware🤣 Today,im going to what shud be much more enjoyable and quieter surroundings and im sure the Good Lord will see we,ve had enuff rain for a spell🙏. Ya know i bleve also,id like to get try quite few more machines. I was really undecided which,as unfortunately i just cant afford to buy half dz id like,to go with,Im entirely confident of the nox but i definitely noticed the bow heaviness of big coil an kinda unwieldy way brain box sticks up in brush vines etc compared to the ol trusty topatheline bountyhunter😉 i think the nox made up for it just comparing poundage and quality an types of junk tween my buddy and i over last 2 days,pretty much goin side by side😁 im happy. I need to find me 1 a them nice rings,like yall ol geezrs find now,and ill check out cupla them others. Oh ive done lot of reading of Steve H,s posts data reviews etc,and i jus happened to think,i need to familiarize myself with individuals here that are Dealers,Is Steve? Myself id kinda lean towards mom & pops,if,when possible. I went thru kellyco for this one as i jus figured with all uncertainties,them or 1st texas would be lil less worry with return or service fer a greenhorn with lil pea brain😁 No Offenses meant to Anyone and ill attempt to spread the love in future,I already need smaller coil,of which i dont as of now see available and admiring the Many choices of anothers brand😁 its all good. So Thanks to Mr Steve H for creatin this bangup site,and all of yall who contribute. I wish you all the Best and Bucket Listers and im goin to go back to radio silence unless ive questions or somethin unusual to share. If any of yall can identify the 2 necked down military casings in center id appreciate it? Far right is .308,far left .270wssm. Ps,ill post in appropriate forum,topic or try to,from here on out Thanks a bunch Brian
  14. Cool finds,is that a skeleton of saltwater catfish in top of 1 pic? I cant find my spectacles momentarily 😁 also im pretty certain you can only b Trespassed if you refuse to leave and its a civil matter. Not that i would myself or encourage anyone else to infringe on anothers property. Thing is imho there are a few folks that have no prob infringing on others rights of use of Public Property. I see it often. Especially further south of ya. I lived in Homerville ga for a spell,jus other side of okefenokee swamp from ya. There were quite a few places around there that,lookn back on it would likely b interesting. Quite rural and lots of farm fields. Also you can look up penal code or statue for Trespassing in Ga,id recommend everyone do so,as rights are trampled regularly. I know it happens regularly to those whom are unaware of their rights but,theres usually not even a need to show id or give anything but name even in advent you are trespassed. Youre only required to provide identification when arrested,such as name dob. Typically trespassing is not a crime by itself. There are public r.o.w,s generally along all public roads beaches etc. Its easy to pull up gsi map of area an itl show lines. Along public roads its usually right along utilities line and beaches waterways may b mean hi water mark for priv property on water. Im not entirely certain of that there. Im kinda familiar tho as i have been trying to educate myself on lots of things school kinda left out😁
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