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  1. Geez JP, you could have done some photoshop magic on that photo of me, you know I don't present well in public lol. Thanks for the once again great service in store yesterday, I'm very much looking forward to learning the 6000's abilities.
  2. I'm happy to say the 6000 really does exist. I picked one up yesterday from JP's shop, The Outback Prospector in Clermont. First impressions, well packed but not ridiculously entombed in plastic, nice and light. It takes a few hours to give the battery full initial charge so allow for that when you purchase one. Bluetooth headphones are nice quality and charged fairly quickly by USB from my laptop. Looking forward to using it in the paddock but need to wait a couple of days till my knee fixes itself.
  3. Well Gerry, Minelab themselves appear to know very little. I have mailed them several times over several weeks for updates on ETA and finally got a reply today saying words to the effect 'We aren't sure, some dealers in Aus may have them soon' There has been more useful info in this forum than from Minelab. Fortunately I have JP as a local supplier and know I will be looked after.
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