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  1. I live approximately 50km north of Holzhausen(Greifenstein). Right now I am using a 15" pan and my small DIY sluice box that is built from some scrap aluminum sheet metal and contoured plates which I printed with a 3D resin printer. I just drew a few different types of riffles into the plates and hoped that it might work. One question I have is if the DIY sluice box can concentrate gold and heavy grains at all or if I made some mistakes with those contours etc. Last time I took two neodymium magnets and placed them at the end of the sluice box in order to see if there is m
  2. Hello, I am new to the gold prospecting topic. Unfortunately there are almost no forums or websites with gold prospecting related content in Germany due to the fact that areas where it is possible to find gold are relatively rare compared to the USA. Actually I am looking to pan some gold in the creeks near my village. I am just trying to find a tiny bit of gold in order to proof if the old "tales" in my village about the gold which was found in the small creeks of the so called "blackcreeksystem" (part to the Eder river) nearby are true or not. Due to the fact that I haven't b
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