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  1. Too many arrogant aloof people living in the comfort of first world nations, quick to pass judgement on those around the globe just trying to feed themselves day to day. Practical cost effective solutions (like sluice boxes of different sizes, elevations and flow rates for final clean up......Thanks Steve H) are the realistic way for those to get ahead while lessening impact
  2. What a country; fantastic fishing, hunting, gold prospecting and just drop dead beautiful scenery. New Zealand is paradise on Earth. Too bad they disarmed their citizenry though.
  3. Wonder if there is a "lay away" program for payment?
  4. Gold seems to be more than welcome as tender in (failing) Venezuela. Guess some things never go out of style. I don't recommend eating, drinking or smoking it though
  5. Back in the 90's, the Dale gave up POUNDS of gold to the first guys smart enough to swing through there. Know of one guy who took out several pounds from one area, where the nuggets bled off an out crop, down slope with his Goldmaster. My first time in there was in 2010 and I did OK with my White's If I just had a time machine........
  6. Virginia Dale is a straight shot east on I 10. Your about 20 years too late for most places but this one still kicks em out occasionally. Look for recently left drywash tailing piles, spread them out and swing over. Hard to believe some people STILL don't detect over their own piles before taking off.
  7. Sure doesn't seem to have stopped the hobo miners as they little regard for government over reach. When you've got nothing.......there's nothing to loose.
  8. A telephone spotted on one of the desks looks to be of the 1980's (electric multi push button directory)
  9. "Underwater archaeological site" means nothing more than a place where a ship met its untimely end and hence forth to be "dissolved" by the corrosive effects of an incessant salt water bath. Better to be salvaged, relocated to a museum and enjoyed by humanity.
  10. A real chunk of treasure from Mother Earth, just love those speci's!
  11. Selling these two Exaclibur books ; only $30.00 for both and that includes shipping lower 48 PM if interested Rob
  12. SDC2300; simple to use, excellent small gold detector and actually a pretty good beach machine for gold jewelry.
  13. That rogue wave might as well have been an "acid bath" to any un protected electronics.....never to be the same again. Pick up a good used one and start over.
  14. Not fair! The Anzac prospectors don't deserve to be gauged by excessive import duties, taxes and BS exchange rates.
  15. Equinox 800 gets all the vlf glory these days but the Gold Bug Pro (19 kHz) with the 11" DD has been my best gold detector in iron infested trashy mining sites .........still to this day. Just love the simplicity, depth, ergonomics and very effective discrimination.
  16. Not so fast! Many of these same climate experts were saying back in the 1970's we're headed into the next ice age..........don't toss out that snow shovel just yet Just say'n it never hurts to have a "Plan B"
  17. Really used to enjoy talking with you and your wife at the GPAA gold show in Vegas. Hopefully those days will return again soon, all the best...........Rob
  18. Was in Fairbanks and Dawson a few summers back, Packed mostly heavy jackets, pants, caps nit caps and gloves.......freezing cold Alaska right? Not exactly. As an after thought I threw in a pair of cargo shorts and few t shirts and glad I did. The week I was there it was in the mid to high 80's and it was actually cooler back where I live in San Diego! Locals said: " Oh yah, we can get several weeks of hot weather every July / August." Boy did I feel like a greenhorn California knuckle head
  19. Another consideration to make a living gold mining would be to work for an existing gold mine operation currently in production. With the price of gold being what it is, there's plenty of opportunity out there. I know of a kid right out of high school who's working for a small "mom n' pop" placer mining operation and gets paid a percentage of the take plus board. He is compensated very well (beyond the contract amount) as he's a hard worker and they want him to stay.
  20. Glad you and the jeep came through, no gold but the adventure and a tight scrape put one hell of a memory in the polk
  21. Couldn't figure out what in the Hell happened..........thought maybe an asteroid strike Good to see everyone again!
  22. If present with obvious markings, I'll make an attempt to find the owner. Religious metals, bracelets etc can be returned to the appropriate church. Not sure what else can be done so won't loose any sleep over it.
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