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  1. Thank you Gerry for the words of wisdom and your service! Your generosity and encouragement are appreciated. Have a great day!
  2. To all the veterans on this forum, thank you for your service! And thank you for the contest, Gerry!
  3. Wow! That's a beauty! Thanks for the video and the words of encouragement.
  4. I appreciate the video. I've watched before on Youtube, but I need to watch it again. It would be great to learn from an expert. That was quite a haul. The only meteorites I've ever found were the ones I bought at the gem show and on Ebay. Must be really exciting to find one out in the field.
  5. There have been several metal detectors for sale on the local CL, but none have been bargains and haven't sold very quickly. Ebay seems to be the place where quality detectors go fast. I was even thinking of selling mine and upgrading to a new unit but so far I haven't seen anything that interests me.
  6. I figured you knew which one I was referring to, but took the suggestion of posting a link for others who might not know. Thanks again for your comments regarding the different pinpointers!
  7. I posted a link to the manufacturer's website. The "Pointer" name isn't very original but as long as it works is what counts. https://www.noktadetectors.com/metal-detector/nokta-pointer/
  8. I was referring to the "Nokta Pointer Waterproof Pinpointer." It's kind of a generic name, but that's how I've seem it listed on Amazon.
  9. Thanks for sharing your impressions and experience with these pinpointers. I read good things about White's TRX. Maybe Garrett will bring it back or incorporate some of its features into a new AT Pro model. It's a tough choice to make because they all have their positives and negatives. Just like a metal detector, there doesn't seem to be all around perfect pinpointer. I'd like to find reliable one for general use. Cheers!
  10. I've never used a pinpointed as well but am thinking of getting one. I wonder how good the Nokta/Makro waterproof pinpointer is for under $85.00. I read mixed reviews of different brands and models. It seem that the Garrett AT Pro is the most widely used. I read that the Fisher F-Pulse/Teknetics Tek-Point do better in mineralized soil.
  11. Hopefully, as quick as Blondie on those targets!
  12. Thank you very much for the welcome! I hope to learn some new things here and find some nuggets and meteorites using the GMT.
  13. Thank you for the encouragement! I hope to get out soon and find some good stuff.
  14. Are there any experienced GMT users in southern AZ willing to give a few pointers on using this machine and hunting for nuggets and meteorites?
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