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  1. Minelab should at the very least immediately accommodate US dealers who have customers that have already paid.
  2. I've been curious about it. In at least two places it has WEBBING that is supposed to be characteristic of meteorites?
  3. I found this years ago while sniping a creek. Went to throw it out of the crack but it was very heavy for its size. Sticks very hard to my pick magnet.
  4. Freak, thanks for sharing a great video and a thank you to Bill as well. We have the same mindset....
  5. Thinkin bout gettin out thattaway wed/thurs between there n Gerlach.
  6. Has anyone tried pairing up the Avantree Torus to a Nox 800..??? I just ordered an 800 from Rob, while I wait for my 6000. I don't really care for my 3030 so if anyone close by is interested, lemme know.
  7. A brand new minelab still smells better to me than a brand new truck......lmao....
  8. I totally understand that our Aussie brother's n sisters always get the jumpstart on the newest Minelab gold detector but our wait in the USA is getting totally ridiculous......
  9. Norm, I live just over the hill from you in Janesville. You my friend are in my prayers, Chris
  10. I wish.... but I can tell you they produce the most amazing music I have ever heard from any kind of speaker or headphones...... I am completely blown away......
  11. Got em today and am blown away so far with music...... Sounds like Dave Matthews voice is in the middle of my head..... WOW.....
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