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  1. If ya don't like the 6000 get rid of it. If ya don't like the Torus get rid of it. There'd be nothing more to say on any forum....
  2. N.E. I totally agree. A 6x10 DD would be the $hit in many places.....
  3. Between Coiltek an NF, whoever comes up with a DD for the 6000 is gonna be a huge winner.....
  4. I finally put my headphones to charge. They went from solid red to solid blue. I am sure they're good to go. You're gonna love the torus. No worries about em falling off while digging...
  5. Siblings to the one I'm thinking now. And yes, you have to watch it close especially if you want to save some of the host rock as I have with two of these pieces.
  6. The tiny ones have mostly been from near surface down to about two inches. The deepest was around .75dwt at about seven inches. I have yet to swing over bigger gold areas. The 6000 is very impressive so far to say the least....
  7. My daughter gets them.....hahahaha. They are great for music but did not pair with the 6000. Very light weight and would probably break fairly easily in comparison to the Torus.
  8. Aero, very nice find. Plumas county in NorCal. On private claims.
  9. It's a Copenhagen tobacco can flipped over.
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