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  1. Hell, they might even fit into Gerrys mouth....... lmao....
  2. Found just over the hill from Rye Patch on December 13th 2003. Hadnt snowed yet, but it sure has hell started after I was awestruck in finding this gold dental work. For more potential information to the story, look up The Last Indian Massacre Of 1911. I may have found dental work from some of the victims. And in reality everyone on both sides were victims. Happy Thanksgiving ya'll...
  3. Thanks for the replies. So far we've pulled a 2.7 oz, 4.5, 5.4, 9.2 and a 19oz. All with 6000's... I think the ground is fairly mild as I pulled my first ouncer with the 4500 and it ran alot smoother than the 6. Just wanted to run a massive coil over that ground, low n slow. Surely there's more big n deep ones we haven't heard with the 6. Gonna flag possible targets with the big guns n go back over with the 6 after taking layers off. Thanks again
  4. Hey ya'll, what's the best 4500 settings using an NF 25 mono for large, deep nuggets. Thank you in advance.
  5. Can't wait to get an Axiom in there n see what we've missed with 3 6000s so far...... Garrett's are you listening....????
  6. Well.... guess I found it but you'll see the pm........lol
  7. Thank you Trevor for both the Goldhawk n the camo 14x9 on my 4500.....
  8. I found the first batch with my 4500, then went back the next day with my 6000.
  9. Turned that video off after 10 minutes of rubbish. So ready to go AMERICAN AX.......
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