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  1. Doc, right on. I'm glad you got an Avantree dealership, the Torus are amazing. Get a Ural sidecar motorcycle dealership n I'll come buy one from you n ride it all the way home thru the desert.... hahahaha
  2. The tiny ones have mostly been from near surface down to about two inches. The deepest was around .75dwt at about seven inches. I have yet to swing over bigger gold areas. The 6000 is very impressive so far to say the least....
  3. My daughter gets them.....hahahaha. They are great for music but did not pair with the 6000. Very light weight and would probably break fairly easily in comparison to the Torus.
  4. Aero, very nice find. Plumas county in NorCal. On private claims.
  5. It's a Copenhagen tobacco can flipped over.
  6. Thanks Chuck. The time frame has been in four trips in NorCal. It's been in the high 90s since I've gotten the Sweet 6000. Been goin from shade to shade in all four locations and skipping over the sunny ground. Definitely more to come from those areas. I finally found a scale to order and it should be here tomorrow. If so, I'll add a picture of total weight on the scale. Thanks again Chuck, Chris
  7. Approximately 12 to 14 hours swing time with the 6000 due to the heat.
  8. The 6000 without a doubt. It is absolutely amazing. My buddies monster couldn't handle the hot ground yesterday. I dug 22 nuggets, he finally got one.
  9. The Avantree Torus external bluetooth speaker system works amazingly which Lunk has also attested to. My 6000 bluetooth headphones are still in the box but I'm sure they're a perfect match for headphone users.
  10. 22 small ones yesterday. Some tiny. My friend only dug one small nugget with his monster. 5 of mine were in a spot he covered close. Can't tell ya total weight cause I can't find a scale to buy.
  11. Broke mine in today and got my first ever hot rock containing gold.
  12. Right on.... Hey Lunk, how do you like tha Avantrees?
  13. Will do fer sure. If they don't work with the 6, my daughter is gonna love em.....lol
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