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  1. I know it doesn’t like the Garmin which it doesn’t help when the boys won’t shut up. I like the little pans that keep the gold from rolling of the scales. Just email Bailey $5 each plus small postage fee.
  2. A couple of hours in soggy ground with the 9” Goldhawk. https://youtu.be/ONfuL6qFUww
  3. Very exciting, be interested in the coils they come out with 🤔
  4. While it’s great protection, just realise it has a pressure relief valve as well.
  5. Simon, Great feedback on the Goldhawks and you haven’t even tried my personal favourite the 9” round.
  6. Jen to be honest I think there is a lot of patriotism at the moment. While I like the ergonomics of the Axoim nothing else has wowed me. Unfortunately it’s priced like a game changer in Oz and until there is multiple side by side comparisons on test patches and live ground showing conclusive results people here still are still shy post the ATX.
  7. Unfortunately Warren and Colleen didn't get a good run at it in Tibooburra, weather not on their side. I'm sure it wont be long until we see some side by side comparisons against the 6000. Hopefully get a chance when Warren's back down in Vic to take him to some very angry ironstone reefs.
  8. Maybe I should put some context on this. I've known Warren for over 10 years and rate him on his ability to find both gold and coin/relics. My question on the number of pieces was related to the size found and the gold thats currently being found with the 6000 and the Zed with smaller coils. Why this is important is in Oz the Axoim is priced basically the same as a 6000 or 2nd hand Zed. Daily gets with the 6000 at Tibooburra are somewhere between 15-20 bits with 75-80% of that being smaller than the smallest bit found with the Axoim on that day. What I was hoping to see (I know it was a small sample size) is 75% of the gold being in the flysh$t range of the 6000. Hopefully in the future videos we'll get to see some of the smaller bits because I'm pretty sure no one in Oz is going to buy an equivalent detector that misses 75% of the gold for the same price.
  9. I hope Warren gets on the gold soon. It’s probably the easiest place in the world to find gold and four larger pieces of gold between 2 detectors isn’t fantastic in a day especially after he’s been up there before and should know the ground well.
  10. I did see and update that in my post Jeff. It’s still a limitation compared to other latest battery setups in gold machines.
  11. Gold seeker makes an interesting point on charging, manual says 8hr to charge off mains power. I suppose the other question being an internal battery - how long does it last (manual states - “batteries will last for many years”) and if you can’t replace the battery (without taking it back to Garret) then what’s the machines resale value? Run it on AAs 🤔
  12. Have a look at his show last night - big Goldhawk night
  13. I did notice that Warren was in Vic so hopefully he got a few videos of it there. My opinion is that if the detector adds value it will sell. Both the Zed and 6 added something significant and Minelab sales show this.
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