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  1. Hello folks .I have been aware of this great forum for quite some time and finally joined.I live not far from Toronto .Started detecting in 2000. Originally from U.K .Been back for 4 hunts at Colchester. .Left for Canada in 1966 and regretfully I never pursued the sport while resident there .I am 81 now and still very active ,detecting about 4 days a week in 3 to 4 hour stints .Lots of rings and nice finds over the years .present Arsenal includes V3I ,Racer 2 ,Deus ,ORX ,At Pro,Highly modified Quest Pro .Will try to add a finds picture .Equinox 600.
  2. I tried many more times with no response then I finally tried a full reset on the Nox and it worked instantly like magic . Thanks all for your responses .
  3. As a new member of the forum I suspect this question has been dealt with many times in the past .I am having a problem linking my WM 08 to my Nox 600 .It just does not happen ,full charge on both and 2 ft apart .I have tried at least a dozen times .(headphones not turned on or involved .Can anyone help ?
  4. New to this forum ,and looking forward to following it closely .Has anybody tried the SRhythm NC75 Pro headphones on the Equinox ? I recently purchased a set and tried pairing the to my Nox 600 .They paired very quickly indeed , but I am finding that the volume function is not working .I can only hear low volume ,even with the Nox volume at max setting .There is no response on the phones themselves when the + or - buttons are pressed Any comments would be appreciated .
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