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  1. Mine has arrived and I have it put together now just waiting to get off work to really mess with it
  2. Would this work for a 12” coil cover? https://www.detectorexperts.com/collections/coil-covers/products/miner-john-designs-12-round-black-coil-cover-for-nugget-finder-advantage
  3. When I was using a G2 I really like the high frequency and the reactivity to targets. At 18khz the wrap around on that machine was crazy
  4. I ordered the Quest based on your review if I want to hard wire I also ordered a 12” adapter Thanks for your response
  5. I have a Tarsacci on the way, should be here by mid week. Reading some of the posts 18 KHz hasn’t been as productive hitting silver in some of the posts I have read. I will be hunting pasture, old camp sites and old house sites. There will be iron and sometimes lots of it. Hunting for Buttons, bullets and other relics would you use 6 kHz 9 kHz 12 kHz or back to the 18 kHz. Silver of course would be a high conductor, I would think brass and lead might fall into the mid range conductors. if anyone would share their experience with me I would appreciate it. .
  6. I can see where a certain type of detectorist would want the small coil. That is a niche type of hunting and equipment for it would be ideal. The question from a Research and Development and then costs to create that coil would be the question. Would the number of coils sold be enough to turn a profit after the costs, Research and Development. Some love 6” round coils for hunting in playgrounds and around certain objects. I have tried 6” coils in the past but I do not have the patience for them in my style of detecting. Hopefully they will work on something in the future. Technology is constantly evolving and no telling what is on the horizon for this company or machine
  7. I do not have a Tarsacci in hand as of yet and I get the time a warranty is good for even a limited lifetime warranty doesn’t hold up in some or most cases. However if this is an known a reported issue from more than one owner/user regardless of warranty being in or passed the issue should be addressed sooner rather than later. I have only communicated with Aaron by phone and a few others in messenger or this platform. I also have another high end hobby and that is hunting at night with Thermals. What I have discovered with thermals if there is an issue the dealer or the company itself make it right. Send in for repair and in most cases a new unit is sent with a new warranty on the optic. With no advertising, word of mouth will be what turns this machine on to other users. If a reported issue is not addressed in a way that makes the owner of the machine happy, that word will spread also, potentially turning new customers away. I don’t know how many are on this forum but would guess several hundred by the number of views from the posts that I have made and a few responses. looking forward to this machine to try but fingers are crossed that nothing happens in the next couple of years based on the price Just my two cents. HH Jim
  8. Chase if a person chose the pro sonic due to having other detectors and other headphones, could a person purchase a set of wireless headphones and pair the pro sonic with the Tarsacci ? Sorry for all the questions just want to buy once and cry once. Kind of like my other hobby thermal hunting buy the best you can afford and move forward
  9. Thank you great review of the ones you have tried. Excellent
  10. I have asked some and received their ideas and suggestions if you are running wireless which transmitter and headphones are you using. What kind of run time are you getting out of the ones you chose ? Sound Quality? I can get the Z-Link or the Minelab sets up but thought someone might have a really good setup they have ran across Thanks Jim
  11. Mine will be shipped to me tomorrow. Wouldn’t have a chance to use it this weekend anyway they are calling for rain starting tomorrow. Time to go back and watch more videos, take notes and make some flash cards
  12. Midlake I don’t doubt it. I have read so many ORs diaries books letters from soldiers trying to find camps I have a hard time keeping it all straight these days
  13. Thanks Chuck. I appreciate your reply. This can be a really fun group I can tell
  14. I thought about this I am sure we can all learn something about each other and maybe remember who to reach out to if we find ourselves in a situation that we can draw from everyone’s experience what do you mainly detect? Dirt, Beach, Water, Parks or something I missed me dirt relics occasionally I will coin hunt but not very often items searched for ? Jewelry, Coins in general, old coins at cellar holes, relics pastures and house sites swing speed? Fast or slow me faster than I probably should swing height? Scrub the ground, coil raised i scrub the ground favorite Frequency to hunt in ? from the ML line 7.5 kHz for deep stuff 18.75 kHz for small stuff I don’t know about the Tarsacci yet but I will hopefully have it in hand next week. Throw stuff out here on this thread. Y’all have been super helpful on my first post and would like to know each a little better and what you like to look for.
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