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  1. I'm new here as of today but I came here knowing what to expect. Even though I have only detected for gold once, I really enjoy reading about detectors, gold and prospecting. As for Steve and his forums, I was on his forum when he was up in Alaska. I even responded to one of his posts when he detected on the island of Kauai. This is his forum. He knows what the people who come here want. His posters here know what they want and stay here because Steve delivers. I'm 77 years old and the likelihood of detecting for gold is quickly disappearing for me. I hope to still be able to read the
  2. Thanks Steve. I was addressing your article but used the wrong title. Thanks for your response.
  3. When it came to the Minelab GPX group of machines, it did not mention the GPX 4800. Can you comment on the 4800 giving us your perspective on that machine as a gold detector. I have noticed on Aussie Gold Prospectors that a few of the cast are using the 4800 with some success. What are the differences between the 4500, 4800 and the 5000. Thanks .
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