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  1. Thanks to everyone for your replies on my Garrett problem. In answer to a few queries that came up - It was bought new from Regton Ltd. Via Amazon. It came with a manual which I’ve followed to the letter. I’m not searching for anything specific – just general interest. I will be acting upon the suggestions on here when I can get out again. Tightening the cable and doing some tests with various metals etc. Meanwhile I’ve just discovered that the seller – Regton – are just a 20 minute drive away. A visit could be on the cards. Also joining a club seems
  2. Thanks Jeff. Maybe I should have come on this forum before buying. I didn't realise the Ace 250 was old technology. All the reviews and videos I watched made it sound like brilliant up to the minute science. Your reply doesn't give me hope. It sounds like I've bought a turkey. I'll give it another few goes. But it could be on ebay soon - at half price.
  3. I recently treated myself to the Garrett Ace 250 after reading loads of excellent reviews. But I've been out with it twice and it has driven me nuts both times, to the point where I've been put off using it. * Why would it give a signal but then when I pass back over the same spot for confirmation I get nothing. * Why would I get repeat definite signals but then dig a hole and find nothing - then check hole and dirt pile for a signal and get nothing. * Both times I've used it (different locations) I was getting signals 75% of the time I scanned the ground. I didn't bo
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