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  1. Steve-------- where are you going to be camping this year? Met with you last summer for a brief visit down on the Walker Fork. Hope to see you again.
  2. ......just heard the unloading dock in Skagway sank and am sure glad we are scheduled to get off the boat in Haines. There's folks up there now scratching their heads and wondering............
  3. Yep, the king salmon are starting to nibble at the hook here in Sitka and the garden is in the ground. We will be sailing for Haines the end of May and then heading north to the claims....... Good luck to you, as well. Panner
  4. panner

    Libby Creek MT

    We have some property on Hay Creek and have always wondered if there is placer gold in the creek. There are lots of test holes from the late 1800's but they are mostly up on the ridges or sides of ridges. Thought if you had a dredge, you might consider doing a little prospecting. There is some layered bedrock showing in the creek with a 90 degree strike to the flow and almost a vertical dip that looks like it might be a natural place to start. We will be heading that way in late August or early September to spray thistle and repair the fences............ and do a little prospecting.
  5. panner

    Libby Creek MT

    Bob- do you have a suction dredge and have you considered that Black Hills for a week? Thanx.
  6. panner

    Washington State

    Thank you. Will give the LR-2000 and google a try.......
  7. Does anyone know of an online source or website of maps indicating current federal and state claims in Washington? I would like to do some prospecting but don't want to trespass. Thank you.