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  1. We had WW1 and WW2 over here. During WW1 they used shrapnel shells. There are fields in "Flanders Fields" where you can easily detect a half pound of lead shrapnel in a few hours detecting. The Law makers have just gone completely, utterly,... Bonkers. Or they are trying to keep the citizens safe,... because you don't have to go detecting an awfull lot to find an unexploded WW1 shrapnel or musterd gas shell. Anyways,... I certainly didn't dig large iron. And these days prefer the small signals.
  2. Here in Belgium you are legally obliged to: 1) Get permission from the landowner. 2) If you find anything older than 75 years, declare it to the authorities. 3) Provide safe keeping for the entire finds pouch, including trash. Untill the authorities decide what to do with it. They keep it,... you keep it,... they launch a full on archeological dig. Oh,... and you have to register yourself as a Metal detector user. The law stops at the high tide line,... and that’s where I start ? I really don’t need the extra hassle during my hobby hours.
  3. Aces and Deuces are allready taken. They couldn’t have called it a Third could they now. Simplex is in the works, so Duplex would seem like snarly rip off. Vanquish isn’t all that bad. I can just about imagine the dry sand beach lingo:”Use to swing an Ace 250 mate,... but then I got the Vanq 540 fully loaded and the targets just come flying out of the ground!” In stead of that classic Bell sound on the aces,... they should employ a customisable MP3 file. I’d have mine firing bullets left and right!!
  4. They aimed at Deus and shot it with a heatseeking explosive warhead firebreathing arrow. I’ve seen lots of those single frequency Deus machines come up for sale. Personally know of a few guys who went Deus, CTX, Deus, Equinox and wouldn’t be caught dead swinging an XP nowadays. Now they are aiming for the Garetts. World domination one detector at a time ?
  5. The reason why it doesn’t work,... is actually of no concern to me. Although it is great to have the understanding why! What really concerns me is that Minelab hasn’t figured out what most beach hunters really need. They have in the excal, but forget it in every model on up?? SAT allows us to keep our coil control in check. Coil control equates to more targets found on the same stretch of beach,... because it’s pretty obvious where the good targets are. Deep and signalled left and wright with a big red buoy determining the swimming area ? There are only a few rules in beach hunting. 1) Check out the most expensive parking lots. 2) Get the deepest detector for your intended target. 3) DIG
  6. Indeed Gold mode screamed at me when I tried it in the wet sand. I’m always coming back to that great All-Metal pinpoint mode on the Excalibur. It allows you to feel the ground in the audio, keep your coil control in check and hit faint targets. I’ve been able to emulate it somewhat on my CTX.
  7. Nope,... I had a howler also ? Can’t for the life of me understand why they don’t implement an All Metal with Sat on the Nox 800. Autumn I’m going to try a Nox again on the beach. Summer beach detecting isn’t for me. Too much people around!
  8. Use to have an F75 Ltd with a fair selection of Fisher coils. The high gain on this machine in conjunction with the fairly high kHz negates the concentric coil for coin shooting. Doesn’t take a lot of sens to make a bottlecap high tone. The 5” DD is a nice coil for real trashy spots. The larger 11”x9” DD is great for relics and glides effortlessly. Got me my fair share of hammered silver. VDI is pretty useless,... you’ll be looking at it forever till you make the dig decision. Doesn’t like hotter soil, the depth this machine is able to produce simply dissappears. ON/OFF Volume switch is located just where you accidently turn it whilst detecting. Bought it because the Deus had a tendency to adjust itself to EMI without user interaction. Sold it because I got hold of an MXT All Pro. Liked the MXT better for relic hunting. Then came along the Nox 800,... and that just obsoleted the heck out of anything else. Now if coin shooting is something you enjoy now and again. X-terra 705 with 9” 7.5 Khz concentric or 6” 7.5 kHz concentric,... not much coins will be left after this passes.
  9. Daniel Tn Just wait till it hits the shops. There are going to be guns blazing from all sides. People tend to forget it's just a Metal Detector.
  10. Hey Ho, A new Minelab in the works. Before the Nox hit the shelves or pre-order lists. The X-terras had a price drop. Before the CTX came into view. The E-trac dropped in price. Just about when the GPZ hit town. They dropped the price on GPX units. So I’m looking out for price drops. People are still very happy with their Nox units,... for most users the CTX just is a tad too complicated and too slow compared to a Deus. And a little bit too expensive as well, compared to a Deus that is. From day 1 the Nox was a Deus Killer. And who doesn’t want a light fast multi-frequency machine that can even prospect. Price drops and when it appears it’s price point in the Minelab arsenal will indicate what it Vanquishes. As of now,... we can dream and speculate.
  11. Oooh Drat! I finally got my CTX talking like an Excal and running like a Nox. I runs deep and hits steel cored coins of the salty beach. I’m picking out the leftover coins the Nox guys are hotrodding over. And they go and announce a Vanquish. Life just isn’t fair is it.
  12. Same hearing problem, 50% hearing loss on right side. 2 people talking to me at the same time,... can only make out fragments of the conversation. My tinnitus gives me more trouble when my stress level is up there. Best isolating earphones I can get, best sounding detectors I can get. Nothing to do with volume. It needs to get that threshold tone/level and target tone just wright. Can’t stand a hearing aid,... no use in blasting every sound above the tinnitus with me. Just drives me nuts. Quiet rooms, quiet cars and no modern music. Modern music is designed to be audible in a noisy world. Haven’t turned the car radio on in 20 years.
  13. As a very brand loyal dealer,... I can honestly say,... we’re brand loyal because we get the biggest discount when we buy from the same brands. One Brand we sell often communicates in their adverts:”The number One brand in the World” That may be,... but you’ve got to Earn It Every Day. And then the hard work begins ?
  14. For me it’s about the evolution of my hearing. First detector your pretty happy when something Beeps at you. Second detector you want something that Beeps louder or fainter with regards to size and depth of the signal. Third detector you’d like something with audio ID. Umpteenth detector you want something that can paint you a picture of the target, listen to the ground as well and have an idea how the local EMI is doing. By then if they stick a Beep and Dig in your hand,... you will probably dig a hole,... bury it,... say a few words and Move On ? With detectors you can easily state that: Money talks and B#llS”it Walks. Within the same brand of detectors their most expensive machines,... and they can have some very simplistic audio. Will provide the most audio info and paint the best picture of what your coil is running over. The least expensive machines will even tough they can have complicated audio,... keep you guessing ?
  15. For my beaches I’ve settled at recovery 4 as well. It draws out the deeper targets just that little bit better. Sens 23 to 25 when I can get away with it. What’s nice about the Nox is you can actually set it in increments and adjust the machine just to your conditions. Not a lot of hassle, just adjust a step, hunt for a while and see how she handles. Great little unit!
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