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  1. I like my Minelabs. Had a bit of everything and currently enjoy using the Excalibur, Equinox and CTX. Is the CTX an upgrade from a Nox. Not if you’re after gold nuggets! However if relics is your thing, then I would beg to differ. FBS2 has awesome ground handling, ground balance and a 15 step ferrous discrimination feature. Add to that it has the ability to disc out iron wrap around. Add target trace and it can show you signal spikes you simply can’t hear without hundreds of hours on a Nox. However the CTX is a bit too complex, just like the V3i. A bit too much options, so
  2. The Vallon VMH4 PI has an optional 60cm coil. Haven’t been able to adjust the sensitivity above 70% and it hits pretty small and pretty deep with the 30cm coil. Not a gold nugget machine, but behaves pretty identical. It just loves to ride on the edge of ground signal.
  3. Of late I'm starting to measure my smallest find at the beach. Not only in weight, the easiest way. But also in diameter. Targets can weigh next to nothing and still be very visible to a metal detector due to a large diameter.
  4. Had a jewelry hunt myself yesterday at the beach. Nox 800 is seriously sensitive. Once the pinpointers have a hard time seeing the target, you can bet it’s pretty small 😁 The beach is a harsh environment, either you get sandblasted or everything get a light coating of salt. A waterproof detector is great after a day at the beach. Just give it a good rinsing down with tapwater and when dry wipe down with soft cloth coated with a little wax and shine. Use your favourite brand 😁
  5. Vallon VMH4 has arrived, read the manual and headed out to the backyard. Totally different animal than the Nox. Sens has to be dialed back in order to hunt. And even then you have to really focus in order to single out a target. Silent search with a slow recovery VCO. With the VS30 coil easily hits ring size targets at depth. I’m digging big plugs, scanning with pinpointer, rescan the hole with the machine, digging little bit deeper, getting target signal with pinpointer, out pops the target. WOW! And it just hates your digger, really needs to be kept out of the way. Very, very
  6. Total weight added is something like 475 gr. I guess this defeats the purpose of a lightweight detector. However you should understand I always hunt with a bungee. And have several different sizes of bungee in the toolbox. To keep my posture upright in stead of looking down at my feet the whole time. I like to use a sling/backpack in stead of a detecting belt. My favourite is the 5.11 Rush Moab 10.
  7. Balance is non existent on a stock 800. Here's my quick fix. Short tube of an Excalibur. Sawed off the coil attachment. Fits into the stock Nox upper tube. Aplied a little ducktape for a nice snug fit. A short length of aluminium tubing "Dinsmore bankstick", filled with ballasting leadshot and the end plugged with the original Nox shaft plug. Balance is slightly coil heavy, floats with a few fingers and has a far better swing and arc. Fully reversible in just a few minutes.
  8. When I’m all in,... I’m all in!! A few nice finds and quiet days on the beach add to the All In recipé. This Covid-19 has turned tourists into pleasant members of the public that keep their distance. Just the way I like it on my days off. So I decided to update my setup and give my trusty pall the CTX a rest, I’m not selling just yet. It will sniff out the good stuff for sure. Dry sand and wet sand hunting: Equinox 800 V3 VLF 11”, XP MI4 pinpointer Wet sand excavation: Vallon VMH4-VS30/VS20 PI due in somewhere round half november. This evening I’m readíng up on th
  9. Well that is some great news. Great to hear we can keep the machines in use with their coil on the ground. Just this morning got a great pic featuring the grandkids whilst exploring the beach. How do you beat that 😉
  10. They really do a great job. Sent in a CZ-6 to calibrate towards a new 8” coil and have a standard headphone jack added. Best dry sand switch on and go coin grabber out there. Just disc out iron and bottlecaps are gone. Some really fun targets still come through. Can’t beat some fun with a Classic. Make it happen with the Bug!!
  11. That is probably a good deal. The only number that the sales representative quoted me was something like 2400 USD. I’ll try and get his attention again and see where they are at.
  12. I will indeed keep you guys informed. Haven’t the faintest idea what the Vallon could be. Never seen anyone on the beach with a PI over here. Excals, sovereigns and noxes RULE 🙂
  13. Thx for the definitive explication! Back when the CTX came out people we’re complaining it was unstable in the wash. Minelab added the Seawater setting and you could instantly up your Sens. I found that a bit contrary. Make it numb and then try to get it sparky again. I found the small 1,8 gr gold chain with the Equinox 800 MKI at the high tide line during ebb. As we get tides of up to 5 meters in height salt influence has been mitigated somewhat. Add a little rain and neap tides into the mix and the high tide line becomes VLF territory. But people don’t like small foil. Most ex
  14. Been fishing for about 2 years and I must say the break from the detecting has done me a world of good. Dug up the CTX from the attick, gave it a dusting off. And while I was figuring out how to ride a bike again. All the mist was blown out of my head and we got down to the nitty gritty. Bought myself a new GPS unit to log waypoints. I’m not wandering around like a drunk anymore, this time around I’m gridding. As a beach hunter, tried the dirt and parcs. But my heart belongs to the beach, pretty obvious when you like fishing and fresh air. So the obvious choice for log
  15. Been fishing for 2 years straight, new house and a bad shoulder. Kind off got excited about the Impluse AQ, you know the kind of excitement only gold will cure. Someone coming to collect my SDC this evening. But where to get an AQ in Europe. Oh Dear, Oh Dear. Ah well, Minelab being Minelab. They will hit hard on the rebound. So Fisher better get their act together. I'll get my gear out of storage!!
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