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  1. Daniel Tn Just wait till it hits the shops. There are going to be guns blazing from all sides. People tend to forget it's just a Metal Detector.
  2. Hey Ho, A new Minelab in the works. Before the Nox hit the shelves or pre-order lists. The X-terras had a price drop. Before the CTX came into view. The E-trac dropped in price. Just about when the GPZ hit town. They dropped the price on GPX units. So I’m looking out for price drops. People are still very happy with their Nox units,... for most users the CTX just is a tad too complicated and too slow compared to a Deus. And a little bit too expensive as well, compared to a Deus that is. From day 1 the Nox was a Deus Killer. And who doesn’t want a light fast multi-frequency machine that can even prospect. Price drops and when it appears it’s price point in the Minelab arsenal will indicate what it Vanquishes. As of now,... we can dream and speculate.
  3. Oooh Drat! I finally got my CTX talking like an Excal and running like a Nox. I runs deep and hits steel cored coins of the salty beach. I’m picking out the leftover coins the Nox guys are hotrodding over. And they go and announce a Vanquish. Life just isn’t fair is it.
  4. Same hearing problem, 50% hearing loss on right side. 2 people talking to me at the same time,... can only make out fragments of the conversation. My tinnitus gives me more trouble when my stress level is up there. Best isolating earphones I can get, best sounding detectors I can get. Nothing to do with volume. It needs to get that threshold tone/level and target tone just wright. Can’t stand a hearing aid,... no use in blasting every sound above the tinnitus with me. Just drives me nuts. Quiet rooms, quiet cars and no modern music. Modern music is designed to be audible in a noisy world. Haven’t turned the car radio on in 20 years.
  5. As a very brand loyal dealer,... I can honestly say,... we’re brand loyal because we get the biggest discount when we buy from the same brands. One Brand we sell often communicates in their adverts:”The number One brand in the World” That may be,... but you’ve got to Earn It Every Day. And then the hard work begins 🙂
  6. For me it’s about the evolution of my hearing. First detector your pretty happy when something Beeps at you. Second detector you want something that Beeps louder or fainter with regards to size and depth of the signal. Third detector you’d like something with audio ID. Umpteenth detector you want something that can paint you a picture of the target, listen to the ground as well and have an idea how the local EMI is doing. By then if they stick a Beep and Dig in your hand,... you will probably dig a hole,... bury it,... say a few words and Move On 🙂 With detectors you can easily state that: Money talks and B#llS”it Walks. Within the same brand of detectors their most expensive machines,... and they can have some very simplistic audio. Will provide the most audio info and paint the best picture of what your coil is running over. The least expensive machines will even tough they can have complicated audio,... keep you guessing 🙂
  7. For my beaches I’ve settled at recovery 4 as well. It draws out the deeper targets just that little bit better. Sens 23 to 25 when I can get away with it. What’s nice about the Nox is you can actually set it in increments and adjust the machine just to your conditions. Not a lot of hassle, just adjust a step, hunt for a while and see how she handles. Great little unit!
  8. At a recent dealer convention we were promised 35 new or revised machines. We actually got to see 1 prototype and 1 rip-off from another company. Even the Big Dogs steal bones. In stead we got all the social media CR@p and 1 figure stood out for me. Those kids with a prostetic cell-phone attached to their fore-arm on average check Facebook 40 times a day. So that is where todays marketing is focused. Our current CEO couldn’t tell you the difference between dull and sharp side of a unit. We sell Stihl 🙂 And they live in clean hospital white offices crunching turnover numbers and discounts on their laptop. Even the good old manual has gone extinct and been replaced by an APP. Within the near future I see the mechanic becoming extinct as well. Parts are becoming increasingly expensive. Add some labour to it and they are cheaper off buying a new one with a loyal customer deal. Times are changing,...
  9. Used 2-tone today in beach 1. And decided to drop the reactivity from 6 to 4. Suited the targets and iron just fine, depth was more than ample and just drawed out the tone on those deeper targets that little bit longer. Gold mode was again a No-Go. She did an awesome job in the damp sand at the high tide line. Back in business.
  10. Allow me to enlighten my colleagues in discussion. An Excal is an excellent wet beach hunter. However I’m not after an Nox 800 that is an Excal. I’ve got an Excal! That upper tide line when the tide is out can be worked with an 18 kHz Deus. You can get the machine stable enough it will hunt. All be it with very little depth. The 18 kHz picks up the small goodies. Beach 1 has found me small gold and small targets an Excal has problems with. I would like those same small gold and small targets, but with the audio of an Excal in pinpoint. I really don’t need ID at the beach, it just a bonus. I just need to find 1 small dense target and then I simply grid that area. You are after thin gold rings with stones in. The bonus side of the ID is just that, You dig the ones you know,... you certainly dig the ones you don’t!
  11. What is actually wet salt sand. We’ve got about 400 meters of tide and 6 hours from flood to eb. My trick is starting hunting the upper tide line, preferably a cut when the tide is out. So the sand has had 6 hours to drain it’s wet salt water. It’s still damp but not saturated. That gives me about 5 hours detecting time. Just trying guys, just trying. Because Beach 1 on basic settings allready brings home the yellow. Just trying to get the audio the way I like it. First time I switched gold mode on at the beach it went ballistic. It deemed to me then that it needed to be tamed. Anyway, I’ll report back positive or other. Haven’t touched a detector in 6 months. Fishing with a Capital F 🙂
  12. Been fiddling in the basement with Noxy. I desperatly want to hear the ground at the beach and have high hopes for the GOLD 1 program. Way too much reading of the manual! Select Gold 1, a comfortable threshold pitch, drop the sens way down. Think of the reactivity setting as a SAT speed, I set it at 8. Cranking up to 1 seems to hold on to the target much longer. Ground tracking on. Switching between locked and tracking couldn’t be easier. And hey presto, fishhooks give me that butter smooth double blip. Raise the coil and that slight rise in the threshold tells me somethings there, but out of reach of the ID circuit. Hitting the horseshoe trips disc in and out. Just what the doctor ordered. Of to the beach we go!
  13. I’ve been running in all metal, the horseshoe thingy on the Nox. At the beach there are all sorts of goodies lurking in the iron range. Just curious if she could run like the All Metal in an Excal and still use the frequency range in multi. It appears to hit hard on just about anything 🙂
  14. Getting geared up for my beach hunting season. Not the usual sunny day morning clad hunts. I like to go behind big winter tides, preferably with a hefty sea ripping into the beach giving me some cuts to work. Pretty use to the Excal running in pinpoint mode and my SDC hunting with a SAT. Trying to figure out how I can fool a NOX 800 into thinking its an Excal. The Nox 800 has allready given me some gold in Beach 1 and pretty basic settings, just curious if I can really get her to Hunt in pinpoint mode with a SAT.
  15. A nice solid TID 5, probably from the “large” part. Now and again I hit left overs from beach fires BBQ’s, they hit 2-5 range. But just that slightly longer drawn out signal in pinpoint and they tend to jump a number. Being the natural sluice that it is. When your hitting foil or those small bbq leftovers. You’re just that tad too high up the slope. You just let the beach tell you where the targets are and then grid the area.
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