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  1. I have not bought yet. I have some financial engagements that take priority right now. I had to out this on the "back burner" for right now. I will probably wind up with a NOX. probably will not be until next spring. Does anyone know anything about Garret Multi flex? I might have addressed this earlier. Been a minute....
  2. I will probably be out there swinging that detector a couple of hours every day in the afternoon. Mainly beaches (freshwater and saltwater) and parks. Do I really need the two extra frequencies (that the 800 has) for parks and beaches?
  3. I can swing $650 to $700. I could not justify paying $2,500 like with the CTX 3030
  4. I can't remember where I saw this. But I saw some sort of adapter for a metal detectors handle. It was a piece that you put right up under the control box that way the weight of the metal detector is not being supported by the control box but it's being supported by this adapter that can go up under the control box. Does anyone know anything about this?
  5. I was entertaining the idea of the CTX 3030. Just for the price tag of right at 2400.00, I don't know if I can justify that purchase. I'm thinking that would be way overkill for just beaches and parks.
  6. My labs been tweaking their multifrequency technology for 23 plus years and Garrett just starting to toy with that technology. Again, I will be mostly hunting Florida beaches (saltwater and fresh water) and parks. In an "nutshell", go with the nox 600, right?
  7. Is there is difference between multiflex (Garrett) and multi IQ (minelab). Most of my honey will be at the beach (fresh and salt water) and parks.
  8. Apex vs nox 600 at the beach. The only thing that doesn't make any sense to me is about most of these beach detectors (including the apex) is that the entire machine is NOT weatherproof/waterproof. It seems like a beach a detector would be at least weatherproof. Considering the salt air and considering that salt air is very bad for electronics.
  9. I goofed. It wasn't a fisher but a Garrett MD. Multi flex technology. Is this comparable to the box 600? Please see link below. https://garrett.com/sport/ace/apex
  10. I could have sworn last night that I found a fisher metal detector that had something similar to a mine labs multi IQ.
  11. I did some more research last night. I found fisher that has multi frequency (like minelab multi iq). I cannot find that detector this am. Does anyone know about that?
  12. Hello everyone!! I am new to this forum. I have been doing soem serious research. I live in Fl. I will be searching mostly beach, homesites, and parks. Jewelry and coins. I really am NOT concerned with prospecting or relics.I have narrowed down to three detectors (see below). I am not wanting to pay $$$ for features I will not use. Is the multi IQ (minelab) really worth it/necessary for what I want, or would I be okay with a single frequency? TIA for any input Fisher F75 Vanquish 540 equinox 600
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