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  1. I started with the black version way back when and liked it. I upgraded to the orange and like the fact that it is submersible. One feature I really like is that if something sounds like it is close to the surface, you can drag the pointer across the ground on its side and if it picks up the item you can then stand it up to use the tip to "pinpoint" the spot to dig. I hope that makes sense and I'm sure some of the other pointers have that ability.
  2. Not sure if this question belongs here or in the Detector Advice section. I've been researching the MI 6 lately and I'm almost positive that I'm going to purchase one. I really like my Garrett so I'm hoping that I like the XP even more to justify spending that much on a pinpointer. One stupid question I have is why does the old ad for the XP say there are "Standard" features, "XP Plus" features and then "XP Plus with Deus" features? I get that the Plus with Deus features would work when connected to the Deus but why are there 2 other sets of features listed? And since my local shop has them on
  3. Those buckles are awesome. Very unique. I like the middle one the most.
  4. I fanned out from that area on Friday and about fifteen feet away I found 8 more. They weren't all in one hole but were very close to each other. They too are all in rough condition. Could only read one date (1889) at this point. I just don't understand how all these pennies and no other coins can be in one area of that yard.
  5. I kind of have a thing for them too. My first "old" coin was a IHP, I can still remember the day. We are done on that job for now. Hoping they call us back out there. I'm surprised I didn't find any silver but I'd be willing to bet there is some there. Hate to admit it, but I'm old enough to remember penny candy.
  6. Hi guys, I just posted about finding a pocket spill of IHP's with the Orx in the coin and relic section. Please check it out.
  7. I've been hunting the yard of a house we have been working on for a few weeks. The house is the first or second house built in that town and has some decent history. So far I have only found 3 old horseshoes, a completely shot rusted pocket watch, a few pieces of lead pipe, a few newer coins, many rusted cans, and a ton of rusted chunks of steel. I was about to leave the job today and decided to search for a half hour or so. I was about to leave and decided to dig another signal that sounded decent. It ended up being an Indian Head Penny. I was pretty excited to finally find an old coin on tha
  8. I am definitely going to try these settings in a park I hit a few times before I got my Orx.
  9. I will have to try out different frequencies. I do have the 9 X35 coil and I did purchase the XP underwater kit but I'm very reluctant to even attempt to get in the water seeing the issues I've been having in the wet sand.
  10. I've recently posted a few questions about my Orx that I hope are not being taken as bashing the Orx. I would say normally I mostly do beach detecting, then parks, then relic. I'd rather relic be first or second but It's hard to find places in my area. Right now I'm getting in some relic hunting on a jobsite we are on but that job is about to end. I agree with your relic comment, the Orx is working perfectly for me in that regards. I really hope I can master it in a park too but our parks a very trashy, have a feeling I'm going to find a truckload of foil, pulltabs, and bottlecaps with the Orx
  11. My second day on the beach I tried gold 2 and didn't see 13 khz so I switched to gold 1 again and still didn't see 13 so I settled for 14 something. I forgot that I can change the range on each frequency. I did however use the rest of the settings you suggested. Was still a little noisy but bearable. I guess that beach is very mineralized. I actually dug a couple "hot rocks" that sounded pretty good, barely any trash and one crusted penny that's not even spendable. I guess I can't find what's not there. It was acting just like Gary's when he switched to gold mode but he was able to qui
  12. I tried running my Orx on the wet sand today and could not get it to quiet down, it was very chatty. I tried coin fast and gold 1. I had to run "Salt" mode but every time I tried to ground balance the machine would scream just like in Gary's video and a id number would come up. No matter how many times I tried, it kept doing it. I tried different programs and settings and just couldn't quiet it down completely. I eventually got it as quiet as possible using "relic" settings I think someone posted on this forum. It was Gold 1, freq called for 27.6 KHZ but it would only go to 24.5 or something
  13. My cousin gave me a non working Whites BeachHunter 300 which was his fathers (my uncle obviously) who has passed away. I sent it out to get it repaired and it needs a circuit board. So I am looking for a damaged BeachHunter or ID that still has a good circuit board.
  14. I'm a little confused about a couple settings on my Orx. I do not see "Threshold" anywhere in my menu. I also do not see Disc IAR, unless that is the same as Disc.
  15. Guess I never thought about it like that. That does make sense.
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