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  1. All the control head has been sent into Customer Service for repairs. I appreciate everyone’s advice and support. It appears that Customer Service must be swamped and unable to respond in a timely manner to phone calls.
  2. I contacted Minelab America Customer Service and they have yet to return any of my calls. Not exactly my expectation of a positive Customer Service experience. Jason in Australia responded quickly. We finally received an email asking us to send the unit in for service. However, there has been no return phone call. Minelab America i We have called the call the phone numbers provided on the Minelab web page that you posted. No return calls yet.
  3. Was operating for the first time in a creek bed with running water 12 inches deep with my Minelab Equinox 600 and my new 800 when we had a problem. As soon as the control head on the 600 got wet it shut down and would not operate. I attempted to contact Minelab Customer Support using their provide numbers and only was able to leave messages. That was 3 days ago and still no return call after leaving daily request for call back. Just for grins I call Minelab in Australia and they promptly answered the phone and listened to my issue contacting Customer Support for the America
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