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    Ultra fine gold EDP and recovery from sand, black sand and gravel.
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    Whites GMT e series with 14" black DD Sierra coil, Fisher FX-3, Fisher GB Pro DP, Fisher GB2, 360X gem microscope,Royal hybrid Sluce, Le Trap Sluce, Estwing gold pan, ACS LABS Denver, Google Earth.

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  1. I use magnets in my sluicebox to catch black sand and then I use the caught black sand to catch ultra fine gold!
  2. Maybe I have no clue what I'm doing! So maybe thats what it is... My Bad! But make no mistake thoe. I'm trying to make a point here. The Geo Sluce Mining Le Trap Bank Robber and subsequent River Robbers are not the origional Le Trap from the origional Le Trap mold. The Geo Sluce Mining Le Trap Bank Robber (Which by the way is a good fine gold catcher like the origional Le Trap)... is a counterfit fake of the Le Trap Bank Robber and all be it... a decient fake copy of the origional, but its not an exact copy of the origional. My Le Trap River Robber purchased from a Jobe Whoesale vendor in Riverton, Wyoming has 19 gold stopping riffles. The Geo Sluce Le Trap is shorter with only 15 riffles. A wopping 4 riffles short of the real Le Trap sluice box. So instead of the Geo Sluice, sluice box widening at the end of the sluce like the origional the counterfit geo sluce box is cropped off loosing the purposed widening affect at the end of the box. This widening effect causes larger pieces of gold to drop out as the water velocity slows down. (Ninety-nine percent (99%) of the gold is caught in the first eight (8) riffles so the last four (4) riffles are a luxury most people can live without. The trademark could be easily owned now by Geo Sluce Mining, because the origional Le TrapBank Robber was never patented by the creator/inventor. The Jobe Whoesale Le Trap logo indicates a copyright and when Jobe went poof 3 years ago the copyright could have transfered to a new owner or it could have never existed. My guess is the creator of the Le Trap Bank Robber is none other than Jay J. Litrap creator of the Le Trap gold pan, but I don't know this. But whoever created the Le Trap Bank Robber is a skilled master at the art and science of catching fine gold and probably was a degreed mining engineer who worked in the Canadian mining industry his whole life. The origional Le Trap Bank Robber can be found at The Prospect Channel.com... Adventures in Mining store. I run mine below my 10" metal sluce box and the combo catches ultra fine gold and black sand.
  3. A tale of two bank robbers. Where is the original Le Trap Bank Robber sluice box factory mold and does anybody know who created it ? My Le Trap Bank Robber sluce came from Jobe whoesale in Apple Valley California. So did Jobe buy the Le Trap from the creator?
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