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  1. SeeHello all. Whom is ready for the Nokta Makro Simultaneous Multi frequency metal detector? I am. Why you ask? Well shortly after emerging on the scene Nokta and Makro metal detectors slowly got good. Which the story goes they're brothers whom owned the companies Nokta and one Makro different entities. With that said one brother finally asked the other brother to help him on a project because he likes some of his ideas and a vice versa and when they did this is when they finally shortly after merge together and became one before that they were completely competitive in this win against each other they took that same competitive and brought it into the game of metal detecting as a whole as in like the whole world they go against that they know they need to raise the bar they know they need to be competitive and not be like certain companies that just like the desire to create better products and compete with other companies and they'll learn that that's why they go out of business eventually I'm not going to buy and waste my time on a product even if it's made in America or not made in America that doesn't work versus one that does work and is tried and true. For example Nokta Makro since the came on the scene look at the Simplex. It's tried and true and this metal detector is built like a sh#t brick house. The control housing doesn't leak, the speakers don't and also have great audio if you like Donald duck in your ear. The New Nokta Makro Simultaneous multi frequency detector is going to have the exact same control housing as the simplex which in my opinion is probably the best housing of between the minelab Equinox and anything below or some even above that price range. They haven't announced the name and also are going to pick someone's name in the competition that they had going on for the simultaneous multi-frequency machine with that said I think they should name it the simplex + Plus simultaneous multi. That be cool. And already established great detector with the platform of the simplex but in a better version was to lose and also I know it won't be in just detector but simultaneous multi-frequency is going to be some of the standard not always and selectable single I think will be the standard both in the same package but think about simultaneous multi-selectable where you can select two to six frequencies that you want to utilize between 1.5 kg and 100 kg wouldn't that be one hell of a machine and that technology probably will be available to us and then once you pick your frequencies you want to use up to six frequencies between two and six for the multi frequency version of the detector the machine does all the algorithms and adjustments after selecting what type of hunting your doing and you GB and everything so that way it does work no matter what frequency you pick no matter it is as long as it's between 1.5 and 100 khz and you can select as many as you want between 2 frequencies and 6 or 7 like full band spectrum and it will work with the coil and everything that'd be crazy and amazing and we're going to see it one day with the way things are escalating quickly. But it will probably utilize something like this but be a pi Machine to so vlf, simultaneous multi capable from 2 frequencies 6 or 7 of any frequency between 1.5-100khz and pi capable as well with the switch of a button. Like the voodoo but not. Idk it's fun to think of the endless possibilities they can go with something. Fiy anyone who takes this idea of mine and uses it has to provide some with free metal detectors for life and half of the ideas earnings. Especially the selectable simultaneous multi frequency between 2-6 or even 7. 😊 I am a Minelab Equinox fan and user and a mine live metal detector user but I'm not saying that if Nokta Makro comes out with a better machine or any other company for that matter that I won't switch because I'm not company loyal I'm going to use whatever detector is benefiting me and my metal detecting needs as long as they're a growing company and always look towards the future and not always settling for just the norm like some of the American companies do but always making their detectors better for the consumer
  2. I absolutely Know the difference. I have had both models and have extraordinary finds with the equinox. I just haven't ever hunted a site so dense with nails. Square nails. They're a pain sometimes
  3. Imagine if you didn't have this sight to revert back to when you run into a problem and nine outta ten times Mr. Steve has covered the topic. I'm truly happy to be part of this forum and learning a lot. With that said what is the best settings for heavy iron laden sights? I mean mostly square nails. Keep in mind this is with the standard 11 inch coil. Some say lower recovery and super slow. Some say faster recovery. So I know it can work for some in both ways. What mode? Please anyone share. I started excepting iron but muting it and has anyone else tried this and noticed the unmasking it's truly noticable?
  4. I have used a lot of these and he's right some work great why will they not install the same Bluetooth that's a little faster like that's in the module or other modules I have used and it has the + sign by the headphone icon in upper right corner screen of the Equinox when they are connected. Wi-stream I think it is which it's way faster connecting to it even. I wish I could find headphones that worked same with it
  5. Mark hello sir. When will you be posting anymore tutorial videos on the Equinox on YouTube? I miss your guidance and tutorials and look forward to seeing you again soon. I check about every two weeks or so. I also would like to ask what is your settings for heavy iron invested sites? Do you have your recovery speed turned up or do you turn it down and slow your swing speed down? Some have success with both. I was wondering what you do. And by iron I mean nails. Square nails. Some bent some not and some so old they have square tops and some circular.
  6. Calabash digger. I have always loved your content and input on all metal detecting situations. How come you turn comments off on YouTube. I have always wanted to talk to you on there and weigh in on videos
  7. Thank you sir. I would certainly love to think I am one of them amazing people whom amaze you. Your intellect and knowledge is impeccable and the way you can captivate your audience in simple writing makes me believe if ya had a YouTube channel wow how many people you could truly bless and bring to our beautiful hobby is astronomically huge numbers in my head. I would like to also think that I to am a rather skilled writer and teacher. Because at the end of the day that's all I'm aiming for. Not recognition but validation that I just helped someone become a better detectorist or just simply put even just learn to perform a G.B properly on the Equinox or inspire them to think outside the box and step out of their comfort zone and try something new without being deterred because of frustration and experiment with different search modes for example using park 2 in beach as there is some advantages in using different search modes for different applications and sometimes stepping out of the "Norm" will not only be gratifying to them once they learn to utilize this but also very rewarding. And in turn I myself am rewarded because I get to see the my teachings come to fruition through people who learn by my step by step teachings and this is what I feel I will be doing soon and just like I'm sure it is gratifying to see your subscribers such as myself and others learn, grow, utilize your teachings and therefore reaping the rewards of them?...... Btw my recent finds in America on some of your settings posted here on forum. 1807 Draped bust half, 1856 seated dime and half dime and war of 1812 US button. This one permission was exhilarating and validates I'm getting exceedingly better..... Finds of a lifetime here in America
  8. no Mr Steve thank you and I believe you best said it is people can read and rewrite in their own words the way they perceive the writings and get the gist out of it. but thank you in more ways than you can ever imagine for creating this forum as I said I was a guest for a lot of readings and stuff and it just didn't feel right and sit with me right to be a guest when I felt like I should be weighing in on the subjects and not only that because I've learned so much from you in the form in the process I appreciate everything that you do here on the forums and all the content you write and I'm just now finishing up last night's post from you and it's very intriguing thank you. As I myself have adult ADHD. Diagnosed and medications were prescribed. Adderall 30 mg four times a day. 2 years after this I had to quit because I felt like a zombie walking around. Now that I metal detect and only have been for a few years. It just is a testimony that anyone who " suffers " from ADHD or something similar can be successful at anything they put their minds to. and it's funny because we can process things a lot faster than most people can especially audio nuances and things that keep our mind busy it's like our minds overloading you know but our mind doesn't overload that's the good thing about it we just keep wanting to do more and more and process it and process it and you makes you hungry for learning everything that detectors telling you and that's why I run my detector hot as well people say that's so much noise it's making how can you hear anything else just making noise no it's telling me everything from emi disturbances to, iron falsing, to ground conditions, to Target responses, to in the way Target responses are in different ground conditions, to the way two good targets under the coil simultaneously sound verses one good with one bad and the way the Detector responds audible and how it processes the information and then assigns a visual identification number as well. I feel like if I was medicated I'd lack a lot of my skills as a detectorist and this keeps me on the go go go even more because thats all I want is to be successful at what I do. I feel like if them wheels aren't turning and burning like that well then #1) my Detector wouldn't be able to process the information, #2) I wouldn't be able to process the information and hear the tonal nuances in the way I do as my Medicated brain would be acting like it was in a dense fog or more like a steady downpour of rain on a tin roof. I'm talking flood gates 🤣. I just wouldn't be able to communicate as I do and know intimately everything my Equinox is telling me. And I still have lots to learn but I'm on the right track and sometimes you don't realize something that plagued you in school you were taught Medication was the right thing to do and to have a perfect society and to be successful you had to listen to the Doctor's and they so much wanted to label everything about every individual that makes people different individuals and not the same ( which they still want to do )..... I learned something when my teacher is the one whom had me go in front of the psychiatrist and be diagnosed ADHD in the first place and it was more so because I learned faster than everyone else. I was that kid who put his hand up to Answer questions everytime the class was asked something or practicing for a test. The teacher didn't like that and I guess she felt like my IQ was making it he rest of the class look bad and therefore herself as I'm being a capable teacher. So I took some of her confidence away if not that then IDK why she diagnosed me ADHD before the doctor saw me to my mother. I picked up on everything. I was sharp and am still. But I now realize that same " sickness " makes me listen, feel and most of all process everything on another level. Thank you God for ADHD..... and I'm grateful people like me and Steve can finally see it is a gift and not a curse if you don't let it be.....
  9. Mr. Steve I'd love to be able to take conversations from the forum obviously with your and whomever quotes I'd use permission and be able to write a rather stacked book of information to have people have this information at the ready. I to wanna help people with metal detecting. Especially newcomers to the Eqx series
  10. I have to say I've come here many times as a guest reading information and stuff and I have now signed up to the forum to be able to talk to all y'all because this is the most knowledgeable group of detectorist/ #equinox users I have ever seen and for anyone to say that the equinox is easily replaced in the detecting game is foolish this is the best all-around detector available on the market today. Can't wait to see what Minelab has in-store for the future. I saw Steve's post last night. The one about him having ADHD and how he's come to find himself and how he uses it to his advantage. How he takes a in society considered negative and turns it into a positive and uses it to his advantage is in a testament to his intellect and knowledge and how he's grown not only as a detectorist but as a person. Much love from here Steve.
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