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    shallow washes, with yellow rocks.
    bullet casting.
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    gpx 6000, gold monster,gb2, gp extreme. Honda pioneer 500.

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  1. nice nugget. im the guy that bought your 5000. found a 1.6 gram nugget with it, then sold it and got the 6000. i think you will really like the 6000.
  2. seems like a easy question, but its some what involved. do you coin or jewelry hunt? if you get the Equinox 800, you are more than likely going to want the small coil, i think its $180 for the coil. so add that in. as for finding small bits of gold, on bedrock, not for deep areas. i think the monster with the small coil, that it comes with has a slight advantage. but the Equinox has better discrimination that could be useful in junky nugget areas. you have the Gold Bug 2, its a good beeper. its kind of like a stick shift truck vs the monster is more like an automatic. if you can find someone that has one that you can try, it would be best. i will say that the monster almost takes the thinking out of detecting, you aren't interpreting the the threshold like you are with the gb2. on top of that, it depends on what region/area you are going to use the detector. i have heard some say the monster or vlfs will not be good, say in the mother load of California. so find out what others are using in your area.
  3. i had to find all the different containers i squirreled away and i sill missed one. pictured is 510 grains, 1.10 ounce. maybe another 30 grains in the other container. also there is more but i have a partner that i have been doing a gold split with. the fine stuff on the left was part of an experiment with the gold monster. detecting bedrock washes that had a lot of bird shot trash in them and sucking up the targets with a gas powered vacuum and then running that through a dry washer. most 5 gallon buckets had 3/4 to 1 gram gold and an oz of lead per bucket. it worked well, imagine sucking up 100 targets or more an hour. but i had to stop, as carrying a full bucket around was making my sciatica act up. it was an interesting year in that i found 3 gold veins shedding small nuggets. one is on a club claim and 2 are on open ground, but hard to get to. not sure what to do about them as i don't know much about hard rock mining. looking forward to 2022 with the 6k.
  4. good post. hopefully it keeps someone out of trouble. i am impatient. sometimes i rush to get things done, things like slapping the hitch on the ball and then driving my sxs onto the trailer, only to find its not hooked on. this happened last week. i now know how these vertical scratches get on tailgates.
  5. i beeped these a long time ago. i believe these are natural lead/silver nuggets. the pictures cant seem to show the wire structure i can see in a loop, also they have been rolling around in a wash, so they are beat up. also i have a small collection of copper nuggets one of them still on the host rock vein. lead,silver,and copper all oxidize and don't last long. the little .77 gram nugget is from San Domingo, found yesterday.
  6. killing it up there. going to start a gold rush or something.
  7. not to much of a big deal for me, ill straighten it out maybe once per hunt. however, if you use the wireless headphones be careful with that charging cord, as mine just stopped working. i had an extra power cord so not a big deal either.
  8. i was out yesterday morning. its a strange thing here, when the temperature drops and you are used to 105 or hotter and it was about 68 and i felt cold. i don't think i could do the Alaska cold. good job, nice nuggets.
  9. i have not done too much testing with the 6k. i got it out of the box and into the field and have not looked back. as for Normal vs Difficult Timings. in Normal i have have found myself digging hot ground targets then switching to Difficult, and the target disappears. i now hunt mostly in Difficult, every location is different. manual when i can, a bit more sensitive, i think? instead of using a U.S. Quarter, might i suggest lead. it often sounds very similar and preforms very much like gold. i might have to do a bit of testing myself.
  10. im really surprised by the poll numbers. the amount of hunters that don't wear headphones. 12 percent use the built in speaker? your missing a lot of targets. i would say 20 percent or more. the small stuff, more importantly the bigger, deeper stuff. the kind of target/sounds that just make the threshold rise, like, maybe there's something there, i give it a bit of a scrape and its a target that i would not hear without headphones on. not to mention the rear facing speaker, on a mellow target when trying to recover it. the only detector i don't use headphones with is the gm 1000, no threshold.
  11. wow, that's really nice. someones going to ask. so i will, how deep on the big one.
  12. i really hope that fixes it for you. speaking of bill, he posted on his forum that someone found a nice multi ounce specimen over in lsd last week. its still out there, for those who have the persistence.
  13. mono 6x10 Elliptical or something close and my wallet is open.
  14. i do remember having a bit of feedback moving the coil off the ground on rough bedrock. JP had talked about keeping the coil on the soil to keep it stable. going back out in the morning to have a go at it.
  15. i wear boots with metal eyelets and have my phone on in my front pocket. it might be better without, but that's what i have been doing.
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