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  1. Let's touch it a little and that's it the-legend-brochure-en.pdf
  2. As data I can't say anything, it's not there yet, but when I receive it I will take pictures with more photos and I will share information with you
  3. I considered yes, should I post a link to this product, but if you have questions you can contact the person who designed it Equinox stick
  4. Nothing is removed from the standard equinox shaft, just the connection of the two rods of the shaft is this
  5. Here are some improvements to the ergonomics of the minelab equinox 600/800 made with a 3D printer
  6. Hi Steve Herschbach, I have a question about what threshold level you use on the EQUINOX 800, there are instructions in the manual explained neither strongly nor weakly, but in any case at a signal the tone of the threshold is interrupted. My question is how important is the threshold for you? thank you in advance For gold mode 1-2: Frequency: Multi Ground Balance: Automatic (ground pump method with manual adjustment) Sensitivity: 16 - 25 Recovery rate 800: 4 - 6 (default is 6) Recovery rate 600: 2 - 3 (default is 3) Iron Bias: 0 Accept / Reject: Everything is accepted, count on tones (alternative rejection -9, -8 and -7 if there is too much feedback from the ground) Threshold level: ...?
  7. Equinox 800, Old Thracian pottery is giving GB in the range of 40-50
  8. Yes, it was in this area that my question was, thank you for the quick and comprehensive answer
  9. Hello everyone, maybe some information about orientation in minelab equinox 800, I searched a lot, but I can't find such information. I am looking for information on minelab equinox 800 in the ground balance how we can orient ourselves in the numbers for setting the ground in the ground balance, on the equinox 800 the numbers are from - 9 to +100 how to find out how much our land is ore. On some brands of metal detectors soil balance is from 0 to 100 and 100 is the most degraded land ?
  10. And is it possible for minelab to offer a new upgrade of the minelab software Equinox 800
  11. Here is the miracle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27N9_3h4ZDk
  12. Hello, thank you all for the warm welcome. The place where I look for native gold is this as rock geology is this, I searched for about 2 hours but found nothing, I will try again for more time searching in the same region ?
  13. Hello everyone and from me, a new member of the forum new in the search for native gold with a metal detector. My first metal detector is Minelab EQUINOX 800 with 11-inch and 6-inch coil A little about me: My name is Veisal, I am 35 years old, I am from Bulgaria, a country located in Europe
  14. Hello, have a question: why are you in gold mode 1 settings instead of gold mode 2? Gold mode 1 Frequency: Multi-terrestrial balancing: Automatic (ground pump method) Sensitivity: 18 - 23 Recovery rate: 4 - 6 Iron bias: 0 Acceptance / rejection: -9 to -7 rejected, -6 to 40 accepted
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