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  1. I would expect that Coiltek will be testing a range of coils to suit the 6k. The 14x9 would be my guess for the first release as they have the tooling and equipment already in place for that specific size.
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone. Sorry about the delay in getting back to you, there’s just been a lot on lately. The battle belt idea is what I was thinking of but what I was also considering was the option of modifying the standard harness to add a camelback arrangement using webbing and Velcro as it is one area that is not utilised at the moment. This would free up some space on the belt as this is where water is currently held. Will keep scratching my head and thinking about it for a while until a moment of brilliance hits. (This may take a while) cheers Les
  3. Hi Folks just Finished reading the detecting backpack thread with interest. Some great ideas presented there for people who will be detecting and camping out for a few days. My question relates to detecting harnesses that many of you use on day trips. What do you wear and how do you configure them? Now before we get started, I know that many of you hate wearing a harness and use other methods to hold your gear. I understand that and can relate to that but as a harness wearer, I’d be interested in what solutions people have come up with to hold a pick, scoop, phone, gps, enhancer, speakers, water, finds container, first aid kit, camera gear, food etc, etc, etc. I have always used the Minelab harness and found that it works well in most situations but it does lack storage space and I have run out of room. It would be great to see photographs, ideas, links etc as even one small idea could make a huge difference to harness “efficiency”. Looking forward to reading about some of your rigs. cheers Les
  4. I have a roll of the cloth tape that prospecting stores sell but the problem with it is that it works too well. It sticks effectively and lasts a long time but it is a pain to remove. I tend to clean the area between the skid plate and the coil regularly as moisture and dust tend to build up when a section of the seal breaks down. Like phrunt, pvc tape works well for me. It is inexpensive, lasts longer than I need it to and is easy to clean off. I use a label remover liquid to clean up the gum quickly. It doesn’t leave any residue and the tape sticks well to the cleaned surface. Be careful not to put it on the manufacturers label as it will peel it off.
  5. My opinion is any of the above. Each machine will challenge you and on some days make life quite difficult. I wish I had the skill to use them to their true potential and push machines right to the limit. For me it’s more about learning, improvement in technique and the enjoyment of being out in the bush looking for that patch or piece that the ones who have gone there before have left behind. It’s about making the most out of an opportunity with the machine that’s in your hand.
  6. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. Hope to be able to learn a lot and contribute a bit from time to time. cheers Les
  7. Thanks rvpopeye. Lately I should be calling myself goldles. That’s the challenge of the hobby. Not a wizard, just someone who enjoys being out there.
  8. Thanks guys. Great to be here.
  9. Hi Folks Just a quick hello to everyone on the forum. It’s good to be a part of your community. I’m another bloke from downunder that struggles with gold fever. I live on the south coast of New South Wales and try to get out for a play in the bush at least a couple of times every week. My toys include a 7, 6 and 2300. Hope to be able to learn from some of you wizards and contribute where ever I can. cheers Les
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