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  1. Hello to all.... After using a variety of detectors since the late 80's (BountyHunter BFO, RedBaron, IB1OO / Whites 4900d to name a few) I moved up to a Whites MXT E-trac in 2002 from Rick at Desert Outfitters hoping to do a little nugget shooting... sadly life happened and I haven't used any of them for the last decade or so. I now have more free time for metal detecting and look forward to some nugget and meteorite hunting. It's nice to learn the MXT is still a contender. Before purchasing I called Jimmy Sierra for advice. He insisted it needed the 6x10 Eclipse DD and sent a free coupon. I also have the 5.3 eclipse in addition to the stock 9.50 coil, each on their own stems. I found this forum as a link on the Nugget Shooter forum while looking for information on my MXT. The above intro is posted there as well. Thanks to all. .....OneAcre
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