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  1. Your right big difference with gel pads.thanks again! I know what you mean about not getting a feel for conditions.Still working(2 more years) limited to weekends tides and weather.Still making some old finds mostly in shallow water,I know there must be more deeper just have not been so lucky there.I know you mostly hunt in pinpoint but I have not had same success I seem to lose stability so I mainly hunt disc.Always look forward to your posts for tips and amazing finds.
  2. How do you like the AQ?How do you choose which machine to use?AQ to clean up after excal or vice versa.Thanks for all your advice and God Bless.
  3. Thanks joe just what I was looking for.always love you videos.any videos on your new project stealth excal?
  4. Looking for help for replacement ear muffs for gray ghost amphibian headphones or modification to make more comfortable.I like headphones but after 2-4 hrs a little hard on ears.thanks
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