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    Where no man has gone before!!
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    Prospecting for gold, Rock hounding, metal detecting for coins, jewelry and relics, also hunting, and fishing.
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    Fisher Gold Bug 2, Minelab GPZ 7000, equinox 800, Keene 151, and 140S dry washer

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  1. IdahoPeg, The older we get we are supposed to save our hearing not lose our herring. ?
  2. Lunk, Thanks for that I was out with it yesterday all day and played around and turned the volume down and it helped a little bit. Still to loud for me but I’m just dealing with it. No One around me that I know of has one so I can’t check their’s to see if it does the same thing. I just wish it was like the 7000 you could control it. RD
  3. Volume settings is 20 and using stock wireless headphones. I also just tried using no headphones with the same results. I switch over to pinpoint and it’s like it’s on Max volume.
  4. Steve, I was going to try that So it didn’t blow my eardrums up. But I shouldn’t have to what I have read the volume should be the same but it’s not. I do have the 800. But I was playing around with it again and it still seems like it’s at Max volume on pinpoint only and not on my regular volume. Thanks for the input. I have tried the factory reset with no change also. Wondering if anybody else is having that same issue?
  5. I have noticed that the pinpoint volume increases from what your volume is set at. Does anybody know if you can turn the pinpoint volume down or have it match what your volume is set at? It seems like minelab has made it max volume for pinpoint. It’s way too loud for my ears. Thanks for your help!
  6. If I had my equinox I would think about making a trip to England in February or March. But like you Steve trying to metal detect whenever I can and Wherever I can. RD
  7. I just watched Brandon Neices new video on YouTube. The equinox comes with a 11” coil and you can purchase a larger 15” x 12” coil or a smaller one 6” from minelab. I’m ready to purchase one! Sold three of my metal detectors so I’m ready to go. Bring it on minelab!
  8. You mean I can't have it all! Maybe I'm just stuck on the GPZ 7000 going deeper. And want all the other detectors to do the same. But you do need the proper ID when your coin shooting and separation. I see your point Steve well taken. RD
  9. Steve, Steve you say going deeper is a joke to you. But I feel in the states you're right we need better separation and recovery speed. But in the UK deeper is a advantage that can get you saxon gold when other detectors can't. When I used my minelab 705 it was obsolete to the CTX or XP deus in the UK. So sometimes deeper is better don't you think in this case? RD
  10. Steve, Thank you for your input! I totally agree with you on separation and heavy trash areas. My CTX doesn't separate very well. I did squeeze a silver dime out the other day in a well hunted area. There was not very many coins and the ones I did find were old Wheaties and one silver Rosie. I keep leaning towards the equinox when it comes out because it's waterproof. And then I can take it up the hill from you. I do like that advantage. If the recovery speed is faster and can unmask targets with the equinox then I think that's the way to go rather the impact. RD
  11. Steve, I will be using it for mostly Coins, jewelry, and some relics. In parks and on the beach. Also relics in Nevada's ghost towns. My bucket list, got to get my gold coin. One of the downfalls is it is not waterproof. And yes waterproof would be great. Is it better than my CTX? Will it go deeper and have better separation? RD
  12. Johnedoe, You are right about hype and speculation. I don't know anything about the nokta impact and it was free so just wondering if I should sell it or not. Just trying to get some feedback from people out there that know anything about the impact. Otherwise I would probably go with equinox since I'm a minelab guy. RD
  13. I just won a Nokta impact and don't know if I should sell it and buy the minelab equinox or not. Any suggestions? Which detector do you think performs better?
  14. Imine, That could be a tricky situation. Finding a hunting partner or partners that are trustworthy, reliable, and don't go behind your back is a daunting task to find. I have found that you might think they are your friends but all they are concerned about is getting the gold that you have found. I'm not saying everybody is that way but that is one task that is very hard to find that right person. Gold does funny things to people. I love the camaraderie with people and the company but sometimes it's best to go by yourself. I wish you the all the luck in any decision you make. Happy prospecting, RD
  15. Steve, Can we get those in the United States yet? I tried to purchase it before and it wouldn't let me.
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