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  1. Hopefully when Jeff gets feedback of the failure... and if it indeed ends up being the Tx FET... I'm wondering if a heatsink could be added to help mitigate any future failures. Similar to one like this: https://www.adafruit.com/product/1515 Edit: I'm not a EE... but looking at these FETs, looks like the heat is dissipated from below. I'm guessing it couldn't hurt to place a heatsink on top of the FET - but how effective it would be is another issue.
  2. Link to the information. According to Carl... "There are a couple of 16V caps in the audio stage but they are on a regulator that maintains 11.2V regardless of battery. I did that so audio volume remains the same if you use a bigger battery."
  3. Oh dang. Sorry to hear that. Isn't the SPP based on the SLI? I recall Geotech stating the SLI could handle up to 20V, and possibly 25V. I wonder if something else popped.
  4. I bought a TRX that showed up on ebay with a buy it now of $100 that was listed for about 10 mins, seemed lightly used. Then saw that Centreville Electronics NW had a brand new one for $150, so I scooped that one up as well on an impulse buy. Previously, I had been using my Sun Ray DX-1 probe religiously with both my DFX and my new (used) V3i. I didn't like how the the V3i operated with the DX-1. Every time I found a target, I'd lay the detector down, then pull off the DX-1 probe and have it close to the ground, then do the funky pin-pointer lock step on the V3i (toggle and enter button combo). Too many steps on the V3i for my liking. It was so much simpler on the DFX. Also, using the DX-1 probe on the V3i felt heavier and unbalanced whereas on my DFX it felt tolerable to swing around. Decided to use the TRX with the V3i and boy what a joy it was to use. I took it to Carter Lake Reservoir on Sunday with the family. Found some clad and pennies, no silver. And a ton of lead fishing weights, probably a couple pounds of that stuff. Just thought I'd share my experience. Gabe
  5. Nice job! I haven't been able to get out and swing this week.... nor last week. Hopefully I can get out as the days are getting shorter now.
  6. Would all previous posts be archived? Or tossed? I still love my White's detectors...
  7. I picked up a used V3i and was curious if there were any hardware changes and/or software changes across the production run. I remember many moons ago, when I decided to buy my DFX in 2010, there was a program to send in the Spectra V3 and White's would upgrade it to a V3i. I assume it was a software update to make that happen. However, aside from that, were there any other software updates later in the decade? Thanks, Gabe
  8. Can someone kindly share the PDF? Seems the link is broken and I just picked up a v3i. Thank you!
  9. In one of the french forums... someone posted this... with a threshold bump protector.
  10. Thanks Geotech! Thanks some great information, especially from someone who worked on this specific product. Here is a photo of the PCB (thanks to pjrough) - with the capacitor locations as Geotech pointed out.
  11. Jim: Thanks for the info! My machine is the SL special edition (tan box), with the later High-Q coil. I assume I'm covered with both the mods you have mentioned. Geotech: Thanks for the input! Having scoured the 'internets' it seems many of the threads mention to not exceed 16V on the SL version. That is definitely good news! I have been undercharging my Li-On batteries to about 14.8V. Sounds like we have plenty of headroom to bump that a bit. I remember having looked up the components, and they didn't quite match what other were saying in the forums. I think the caps are panasonic (1000 E FK) 1000uF, E=25V and FK series. Voltage regulators look like Fairchild FQT7N10 - but I could be completely wrong. All I remember is that the voltage specs didn't quite match up to what I found on mouser/digi-key.
  12. Cascade: Here's the link, hopefully I'm not breaking any rules posting cross-threads from other forums. I use Google Chrome's (right-click) translate to english to convert the text. https://www.forum-sud-prospecteurs.com/t7997-Adaptation-TDI-SL.htm Definitely a lot of info posted in our forums - just don't recall some of the specific ones being mentioned in the above link. Maybe I haven't looked hard enough. I remember hearing about the sweep speed mod, and the battery pack. edit: one more thread about lowering the pulse delay below 10uS. I believe it was discussed in our forums, or sending it off to Reg to perform the mod. However, this individual shows where/how he performed the work on the PCB, specifically for the SL version. https://www.forum-sud-prospecteurs.com/t9026-White-s-TDI-au-dessous-de-10us.htm
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