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  1. I know this goes against all info on the Z but have been running the X coils in Manual ground balance using the track button and pumping the coil up and down like the old X and has made using normal a little more achievable. As using the 10 inch in normal has given some amazing results with lots of smaller but deep gold.
  2. Yeah the 10 inch is quite sensitive to the hot rock but only in Normal, in difficult you get the occasional one but no more than the GPZ14.
  3. Yeah I have used the 10 xcoil pretty much the entire season. Amazing coil all be it quite noisy and touch sensitive but able to use it in Normal and Manual ground balance the depth this thing can get sub grammers is almost beyond belief and just its size to be able to get places basically make the SDC redundant. Cannot imagine the 10 coming off unless on open ground or fires burn out some grass.
  4. I like the look of that 15x10 for the Z. Might ask Santa for one.
  5. Basically I do anything that will allow me to run in normal. Lower volume, sensitivity what ever it takes. Difficult when patch hunting but if gridding always normal and nut out the ground noise. So to answer your question yes less everything if it allows Normal.
  6. Ha ha the 12 inch x coil of mine that he has decided is his
  7. You are going to have to give up the 12 old man
  8. Yeah thats fascinating with reversing of the spiral to make it tight. Makes you wonder how someone came up with the concept, more than likely by accident.
  9. Ha ha not sure how you can lose it when you need it to get up from the ground these days.
  10. What have you done to my Z old man?
  11. Yeah was very impressed with stability and sensitivity. The 12 could very well be the best all rounder for the GPZ, sharp response and easy target location, kinda like when you fit one of the Elite or Evo coils on a GPX a big step forward.
  12. Very nice indeed. Jw is the Z a little un balanced with the 10 coil? I have ordered the 12 but want the 10 but it looks so small.
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