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  1. The mining crew are mining a legit operation. All is above board & legal outside of having to deal with the hooligan's & thugs who keep harassing them. Why can't they just tell the sheriff that & yes they are finding a bit of gold & how much is our business & no one else's. You do your job & we will just stick to doing ours. If we keep getting hassled by thugs we will deal with it ourselves. If you think you are going to be another one of those thugs then we will deal with that too. Instead of always taking the aggressive approach. After all they are just having a meeting with the sheriff . They need to draw a line in the sand & tell the sheriff if that if he crosses it, it may not turn out too good for him. D4G
  2. My thoughts too. Bounty Hunter Tracker 4's. D4G
  3. Steve H has absolutely hit the nail on the head. It is the dreamers that will keep gold detector manufacturers in business. The glory days are well past. It has come down to very expensive detectors to scavenge for surface crumbs & tiny gold a bit deeper that for the majority out there will most likely never pay off their detector in gold finds. Taking in to consideration the cost factor for many in just getting to a goldfield. Gold Catcher said: It is the "gold bug" in us and the obsession for metal detecting that keeps us going and that can't tolerate that someone else "might" have an advantage in the field. And that advantage might indeed be real. That advantage came in the form of X coils for the GPZ 7000, & look at the hornets nest that stirred up. Those who took them on board largely had big smiles on their faces. Like you said Gold Catcher, anything for an advantage.... D4G
  4. I considered myself a "lurker" for many years. But I never actually had an account & made no posts until last year. I have always appreciated your detector knowledge & your sharing of it Steve. Thanks for all you have done. D4G
  5. Probably still trying to rub the egg off his face from the 6000 debarcle. D4G
  6. No, the crew are pretty smart but they have stuffed up letting two thugs off the hook. That last thug has survived the desert. He knows how many are in the crew & he knows the fire power they have. He would have no problem going back to his gang in Mexico & have them gear up for an assault on the crew & totally annihilate them & rob them of there gold & treasure. The thug not being too smart shouting off his mouth in town & now with the deputy informing the crew. Still, the crew should be worried & they are. D4G
  7. The Gold Monster is still a killer machine for small gold bedrock detecting. Especially in shallow creek bedrock locations. It really pings out a signal on the tiniest bits, & that's with the built in speaker. Love it. D4G
  8. Yep, should have delt to that thug when they had control of the situation. That thug doesn't seem to be too smart. D4G
  9. I am now waiting for the gang from Mexico to come in numbers & fire power to out muscle the crew. That is if that thug survived the desert & got back to his haunts. He will be hell bent on revenge. D4G
  10. If you get it looked at & have the "fix" done, you may find more gold that you previously missed. While under warranty you would be crazy not to get it done. Even if you feel you are unaffected using just the headphones. By having the fix done it may improve your detector more. At the moment you are just used to how the detector is now & the fix may improve it more which is what it is all about. Surely it won't make it worse. D4G
  11. In the real world it would be a huge mistake letting those thugs go free.
  12. Learnt how to use them or been forced to compromise to try to overcome the "problem" that shouldn't have been there in the first place? D4G
  13. They are pretty quiet now. Possibly still wiping the egg off their faces. D4G
  14. So why then did Minelab call the GPX 6000 the GPX 6000 when it is nothing like its predecessors? D4G
  15. That's funny. I found Finders most undesirable. Was just a bitch slap most of the time & had little to do with gold or detecting from what I saw. D4G
  16. Have to agree with what you said about Finders. Was nothing but toxic. D4G
  17. Any chance of some photo's of those big nuggets? I am sure Minelab would love to see those sitting on the 6000 coil. What coil were you using? Great finds by the way. Cheers D4G
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