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  1. Thank you all for the very warm welcome. Yes, there will be a significant discount available to forum members. Let it be known to all that I much prefer to keep this inventory available from within the U.S.A. How much stuff do I have? Let's just say that I can no longer park my car in the garage. Anyhow, I will be more than happy to soon share the very strange story about how I wound up with all this stuff. Fact: the new owners of the Tesoro building, which is now an Orthopedic manufacturing facility, was going to send this stuff to the dump. I'm not kidding. It took me one evening that involved a Google search to realize what I needed to do. I've been in contact with a local individual who was the Service Mgr at Tesoro for almost 3 decades Very interesting. A little about my background: among other endeavors, I have over 30yrs professional experience working on guitars/amps. What we're concerned with here is the electronics. I service/repair and restore/build tube guitar amps and home audio. A lot of that is circuit board builds, so I possess all the equipment to do such. Also analog SS based, but no computer driven amplifiers. Moderator: I hope I'm not violating forum rules/protocol by listing my personal contact info within a post. It would just be such an easier way to communicate. Mario Amodeo Cell/text: (928) 273-2733. Email: amjr158@gmail.com More to come.
  2. Hi folks, my name is Mario. I was encouraged by a member of a different MD site to also join this forum and announce that, as of June 2021, I have in my possession every remaining Tesoro part/accessory that was in the building. I will post in the classified when I become eligible to do so. I don't even own a metal detector, but I'm going to build one (or more) for myself. Thank you.
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