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  1. I agree with mm90403 , there's less spendable cash in the US,. With fuel prices hovering around $7 here in SoCal at the moment. Goodson services are at all time high, I don't see gold prices going up, unless the US government gets rid of paper money and tries to go digital.
  2. Thanks for the video, What numbers are notched out for the penny and the dime, also have you considered doing an air test for depth on those gold rings.
  3. Simon, sorry to hear that, I hope the new one works out better for you
  4. MY MI6 has great sensitivity and depth, perhaps it's defective.
  5. That movie had the worst writers, what a joke don't waste your time watch it
  6. The label beta testers is used too lightly, in regards to true beta testers who received some sort of consideration for doing the service such as free use of software and things of that nature, pertaining to metal detector manufacturers, the small companies with low budget , seem to be rushing out their products at the consumer's expense, which I feel isn't right, big corporations minelab, and XP seem to spend time and research for r&d to get the bugs out before they release their products to the public , I don't want to be a beta tester and spend my hard-earned money, on a product that's not ready for release, that's not fair to the consumers,
  7. WOW ! That is really nice XP is listening to their customers and giving us these nice update options , the large numbers will benefit people , DEUS 1 tone's are nice for users that are used to them,
  8. Dilek said in her video they used inferior chips to rush out the legend that's not fixable by update, that's not right, also selling a product that's not ready that has bugs in it and the consumer has to pay good money on it, to do their research at are expense seems backwards to me, I'm glad I held off on buying that product and will not buy one now
  9. Thanks for the video, the DEUS 2 really runs great,
  10. Kaolin , what coil are you using
  11. Steve once again you are right, just go with the top of the line detectors , thanks for your professional advice .
  12. Always make sure the seller signs a warranty deed, and a performance contract , and has unprotected assets, that way you'll have something to fall back onto for litigation.
  13. OGILUGA how do you feel the depth would be on the 11" coil versus 9"
  14. WOW ! That is really terrible , sorry to hear about people getting taken like that , if the seller promised certain consideration, that equates a performance contract , perhaps litigation would be there only avenue at this point,
  15. Thanks for the test video, I'm really impressed with the depth the DEUS 2 can achieve
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