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  1. As usual, a descriptive and fun story...with gold to boot. thanks, fred
  2. XRF machines must be calibrated correctly. They require some specific procedures to be accurate.... but it ain’t my money fred
  3. YES, but work the likely places first, where the bedrock is showing.... fred
  4. Sorry I am many miles from you.... I was just being friendly. fred
  5. Have you considered joining a Mining Association (club)? it is a good way to meet local people fred
  6. I wish you great success, and lots of fun!!!
  7. Sorry Mitchel supposed to rain this weekend and 40 days thereafter fred
  8. You won’t be doing much serious detecting except on smooth grass...like Steve, I use my coils. They get banged and shook and occasionally walked on...never broke any since 1980... they are not weed wackers.... fred
  9. Mitchel you could send little Curtis over to help ....haha!
  10. I have to lean on my. Equinox’s coil. When I get up from digging or if I lose my balance....not what I want to do but.... do you have a coil cover on? Make sure there isn’t any dirt or minerals in there. fr,ed
  11. I am surprised that I wasn’t deleted....so, I guess it depends on who wrote the story. I leave this theme and return to the Hermit Pick, durable and effective fred
  12. I am fairly sure this will be deleted....but what government? Why list those groups? most mining districts in the western USA were run by miners. Canada and Australia ran things different.... anyway....the group that chased away , robbed and stole was not mentioned. with respect fred
  13. Klunker you will never know what you missed because you did not follow the directions..... but that is true if you do follow the directions! whatever works fred
  14. Flak Steve just figured us old folks couldn't remember what we done did....😉 just teasing, Steve! fred
  15. Phrunt, I pretty much had to give up panning and sluicing, because...after a few hours of those positions I could not stand up straight....I walked about a mile before I slipped and my back got knocked back into alignment...not fun. But I was a sheet rock hanger back then... Reg, I hear you.....if they don't swing the detector like a weed-whacker the momentum will be much less....a Hip-stik, good bungy and swing-arm will definitely help. fred
  16. There are many ways to manage the weight of a Gpz... I don’t think one can blame the machine. I suspect the bad back is related to other causes...but, it is bad luck! fred
  17. Dig It the Q has been beat but...my buddy just got one not far off the freeway near Dome Rock....under a bush and on the side away from the shooters. you might try the road berms, etc...no one gets it all fred
  18. The Hermit pick is quite capable but it is not a hard rock, prybar! Be very careful with the blades, they will throw rocks when they flip back... fred
  19. They land anywhere, someone estimates at least one per square mile. There. Are strewn fields where that number is much higher...also, any that land in the ocean are lost forever....
  20. Any unglazed ceramic tile or the underside of the lid to your toilet... there are website that have a Do you have a meteorite section...look it up. fred
  21. I was just teasing about the Oz a day!!! I understand having family and obligations....now I have Other issues. Phrunt if I have broke even over the years I would be happy....but, it is the hunt and the thrills I crave.... cost is no object for my one hobby! I wish you all success as you define success... fred
  22. Approximately 1200 bucks in USA.?. I love finding gold BUT Mitchel, you better find an Oz a day before I would buy a semi-do it your self coil...... damn, I forgot I sold my favorite detector! fred
  23. Good luck, Mitchel that size should be excellent for sensitivity and coverage. if you could give an accounting of all costs...if you don’t mind. And please show all the gold you get from old patches!! fred
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