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  1. A great buy! The Silver Sabre was/is a good coin hunting machine...I found plenty with mine. It really does love silver coins! In mild ground you can use it for nugget hunting.... fred
  2. That Magnum is excellent.... I wish I had found something big enough to need it. for general field use my cheap digital scales are fine fred
  3. Doing good on the Gold! If they can’t repair a connector , how do they Fix anything else? just to keep from a similar problem, how did that happen? did you slam a door on it, I did that once or twice back when I was young and in Too big of a hurry! fred
  4. I will guess a roofer or drywall hanger hammer.".it is exactly the correct shape... believe me , 20 years of banging nails makes an indelible memory fred
  5. Even Minelab has hidden the size of their harness belt. sorry about the extraneous information... I don’t know fred
  6. Maybe they were testing the waters for the much more expensive Gpz... yes, it was expensive but no body made me buy one.... fred
  7. Yes, Bill but I modified it to suit my needs...that is not the Gpz harness but one from the 5000 or earlier...I will try a better picture, if I have one... first is one onf my harnesses....speakers, enhancer, Hipstick and previous version of oc's Bungy... second pic is a Minelab modified harness. That was a cold day on a push in Nevada...if you increase the size of the pictures you can see more detail. I should mention that many people use a pack with a water bladder, waist belt and d-ring...these work for the hipstick and bungy.... fred
  8. I have adapted four different harnesses to my GPZ-was my GPZ.... My favorite was adapted from one that Arizonaoutback sold for a few years...I never liked the Minelab Harness because it was way to hot for me. However, I had one from a gpx so I cut and hacked and sewed until that worked-mostly I wanted the shoulder straps which provide excellent support... If you make or increase the belt size be sure and buy the heavy-duty nylon belt... I have weighed up to 220 and the standard length was getting pretty short...had to keep the belt under the belly, if you not so skinny guys know what I mean. a hip stick and doc's bungee will put new life in your detecting.... fred This pic was a year or so ago when I tried detecting with a dust mask to please my Doctor...that stayed on a about five minutes...total failure!
  9. I am eager to see the choice. I know you will give your truth and just the truth impressions. If I get lucky, maybe you’ll get a Qed and The Fisher...you know you need some new toys!😀 fred
  10. Valen...perhaps any cheap detector will find iron meteorites.."certainly not most chondrites.... that is just a fact fred
  11. Check with the airlines you are flying with. i carried my control box on board....wrapped the batteries securely and made copy of the pertinent manual with the battery. same with the carry on...
  12. Holbrook is not a good place Metal Detecting for meteorites...very low free metal and usually very small bits....unless you get really lucky; and tons of trash! If you do a search for Holbrook meteorites you will get some info....read what Bob Verish says. Bill Southern's meteorite forum has loads of archived info...if you look.... https://nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/forum/4-meteorite-hunting-and-collecting/ Most are found by sight and confirmed with a magnet and other indications.... these are some I found...that is a one centimeter scale for comparison.... Expect to walk a lot, beware of private property and take warm clothes....if the road has not been improved you best be very careful. fred
  13. Excellent silver dollar! Very nice gold! perhaps Stealing is a bit harsh...Pieter H might be offended...I wish I had gone in the eighties... fred
  14. Nice work,Condor! Gold is not always deep.... Paul, are you back, if you get near my house...please, stop by! Fred
  15. Too true, many do not understand how big Oz is... fred
  16. No, zinc will corrode overnight...if you held in your hand you could almost watch it! Copper pennies will last forever unless they get in acidic soil...even in salt water they last. if you watch some of Mitchel’s beach posts he usually has some...I just throw mine in the trash can... fred
  17. nice gold! I doubt the two dollar bill is made anymore.... I do wish the USA stamped one and two dollar coins.... and gave up on the useless zinc pennies! fred
  18. appears to be a single spring Fox trap....made before the 1/4 inch offset was required by most states that have that requirement... you could look that date up for your state... I am guessing 60 years or more.... fred
  19. A two box or maybe a pi with a very big coil....those vlf machines will not go any where near three or four feet...
  20. Thanks, KIWI I guess you would roll forever if you fell over on those hills...great job on the gold too! welcome back fred
  21. Thanks Northeast interesting vid and not unpleasant to listen to. I wonder if the hotrocks will fade, tune out or somehow sound different? fred
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