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  1. Wow, thank you guys for such quick and comprehensive replies. I must admit I was hoping for some magic solution but I'm a logical realist and I guess I knew really that there's no substitute for blood, sweat tears and experience. One of the guys at the club said you need time, patience and luck. I have an abundance of time and patience but I reckon I must have killed a dozen robins and smashed a load of mirrors in my time because if it weren't for bad luck I would have any luck at all. I'm in the UK and its such a shame that I cannot get together with some of you experienced guys to do some one on one in the field training. Unfortunately the majority of my digger buddies use the XP Deus and although the principle is similar, the settings and methods are specific to the Equinox. I know there are books and videos a plenty but I like having an expert in front of me talking me through what is happening. I'm out again Sunday and will be trying a few mods to the settings that I have looked up on Youtube. On my first day out with the club I dug 61 holes in semi hard ground and found nothing but nails, lead and shards of iron. Last week I found 6 roman coins none of which were "good" condition but I dug a lot fewer holes basically because I switched the iron off. Problem is I guess I might have missed some good finds. Good luck everyone and again thank you for your replies.
  2. Hello all, I'm new to digging and have bought an Equinox 800. On my first dig I dug up enough iron to start my own scrap metal yard. On my second dig i altered my FE number and I dug less rubbish. the more experienced members seem to dig less but find more. There must be an indication as to whether the VDI is potentially worth digging or not. I've read the 64 page user manual and been out with a club a couple of times but have some basic questions that the manual does not seem to help with: 1) Can I set the accept/reject so that I never dig lead or ring pulls ? 2) Would the same target eg a silver sixpence give different VDI numbers at different depths ? 3) Will lead always be the same VDI number or does it depend on size and depth ? I know its not an exact science and experience will help but I need to know what I'm learning.
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