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  1. I’ve gone back to win 7 as win11 blocks you from using 3rd party apps like Firefox and chrome etc etc it’s a fiinh pain ..Linux mint as well is reasonable and doesn’t block any apps like ms.
  2. Gary videos shows a bit more depth on coins
  3. Use the golden mask. Stem as it’s easier on arm muscels for large coils
  4. Text o trak very usefull to retain all site info
  5. Sturdier stem needed for 11 x 13 to get better balance
  6. Needs some plastic washers to get a tight fit
  7. 2 pucks for me one on .6 and one on .71 I find the remote control too heavy for the stem so sent it back
  8. They’re workin on it but when i dunno you will have to ask em
  9. I ordered another puck with v.71 ,so have one at .6 and keep two pucks to use found the remote control too heavy for the stem
  10. They’re working on improving iron discrim so I have been told ,which it needs
  11. I had the puck falling off the stem today when I put the stem down,so will use the wrist band for safety .needs a bit,of tape to keep it on when on the stem mount
  12. Xp are still planning updates for d1 ,it’s far from obsolete..I still use mine ..
  13. Steep rise in the cost of silver ,so sterling coins reduced to .500 in 1920s
  14. in the uk pure silver items are possible to find and they register 99 on the tid, i have ingots of pure siler that are 99 and other silveware can be 99 esp viking finds which were found not far from where i am searching ingots and coins
  15. d2 is as bad as d1 on iding rusty steel ,thats some thing that needs to be improved on updates
  16. dug it out and it was rusty iron again ,fooled again
  17. went back and checked it with the d1 and tids are accurate at 98 99,so back with the big shovel as it seems deep over 12 inches ,but still could be steel items or canslaw at 99 ..xy screen not exactly sure as its a tiny circle on the screen on the axis
  18. i use the puck in shallow water with no antena at 9 inches ,coil can be tilted to get a connecton
  19. Treasure hunter mag ,will do thr rest today
  20. Here’s a copy from a Gary’s article in mag
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