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  1. Thanks Steve. That's why I tested it myself to confirm it's true. Having come from an SDC, DD soils are an unknown quantity to me but I have spoken to some experienced GPX users who actually run DD coils in mono mode with great success on smaller gold.
  2. Talking of the DD coil, after seeing a video on Facebook with someone worried their DD coil was faulty as it was detecting a target much louder on the left hand edge of the coil than the right hand, I did some testing by waving a test piece across the top of the coil and the left hand side edge of the coil is definitely way more sensitive than the right hand side. Is the DD running one side of the coil in mono mode to handle EMI but still have the sensitivity to small gold or do DD coils on pulse induction detectors always behave like this?
  3. https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/15843-norvics-6000-initial-impression/?do=findComment&comment=163094
  4. And please make sure it's waterproof. Before the 6000 I used the SDC 2300 to primarily detect in creeks. I always thought it was a missed opportunity that the Coiltek 5 X 10 SDC coil was not waterproof as I would have jumped on one straight away. I found the new 6000 coils extremely buoyant with all that empty space under the coil covers and not ideal for pushing into crevices and cracks under water. I also had a fair amount of EMI with the 11" mono coil so a smaller coil would find its way into my arsenal pretty quick.
  5. This. The cover I have on order should fix this.
  6. I think Minelab would need to knock about 6k off the retail price of the 6000 for that to happen... 😉
  7. Having the promo emails and GPX6000 page up and running on the Minlab website does this mean the gag order is cancelled @Jonathan Porter?
  8. Thanks for the suggestion AussieMatt. Not so many gun or snowboard cases here in Oz. I would never have thought to look at Keyboard cases. Just ordered the Armour KBBS Keyboard Bag in prep for the 6000 - $59 AUD delivered. Looks to be nicely padded and big enough (there's larger sizes that would fit the Z). Also has a front pocket for bits and pieces and a shoulder strap. Can't beat that...
  9. I heard on the grape vine that the release has been delayed to mid April. Hope I'm wrong 😥
  10. Also a nice comparison chart on Minelab's site here. https://www.minelab.com/vanquish-series The million dollar question is will the Vanquish coils work on the Equinox... 8" x 5" Double-D anyone.... Not making it waterproof seems a bit odd (coil only).
  11. Thanks everyone for the detailed explanation. Greatly appreciate the time and effort taken.
  12. Hi All, I Have a query as to why auto tracking is only on by default for the gold modes. Is there a reason not to use auto tracking when detecting parks and beaches? I would have thought on beaches where the ground balance can change between different levels of wet sand, wouldn't auto tracking be beneficial? Cheers Scott
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