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  1. No point after Howard's stunt, why bother and yea, the signature was from all the Bundy & Cokes I drank when he introduced said law... LOL (that was the license number before i masked it if I recall correctly).
  2. Some of us who lived in Australia in 1996 think of the phrase "Port Arthur" in a different, more negative tone, the tragedy that occurred, the loss of life and the complete gutting of our gun rights and theft of our weapons (buy back my A&S), so it's very nice to see ABC doing this report that allows Port Arthur to have some positive thoughts for those of us who've been negatively impacted, (ABC posted this video today). PS: Toth is my maiden name and I lived there (In Paradise Waters/Surfers Paradise, QLD) during the massacre, it's nice to see a more positive spin on Port Arthur, one day we'll have closure.
  3. Ahhhh come on now.... prospecting in Canada's not so bad... granted our lay flat does get a little brittle and explode like a length of dynamite, and the ice does tend to get a tad thick but you learn to adapt, the levels are low, the natural riffles are showing and you can't beat the scenery. PS: And no, those were not appropriate winter gloves... LOL, those were my duty gloves, I was a member of the RCMP for a period of time in BC and didn't have proper gloves in the truck when I took this picture.
  4. Great US source for Anderson plugs and other related leads... https://powerwerx.com/ They also make some great prebuilt Anderson adapter cables: https://powerwerx.com/adapter-extension-cables
  5. HA!!!!!!! What did I tell you yesterday, get your ass back over to the burn barrel? I brought you luck.
  6. You look like you're up in that shale up in Imlay Canyon Gerry... you keep out of that area, the hills have eyes man, I've seen them and you know what they say about our real pretty mouths.... 😉 Good job... nice piece..... just sold my 6000 today and sent him a link to your video. Jen
  7. I'm sure he'll post about it but will someone please call the AU Fish & Game, Gerry's taking undersize again... put that stuff back Gerry.... LOL https://www.facebook.com/1561969989/videos/991165008278124/ Jen
  8. Jump on a flight and head down to Vegas, rent a car and drive an hour and you'll be on the gold fields producing stuff like this... https://www.prospectingaustralia.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?id=32966 Yes I know the link's been posted previously potential Karen's, no need to remind me.. simply expressing to Klunker that he's never far from gold, regardless of the weather. 😉 The only limiting factor is you and how much desire you have to succeed. Jen
  9. It's not gold related, nor is it coin and relic but a lot of us also search for space rocks... talk about pennies from heaven... Jen It's
  10. Yes they probably are, but for the little value it added to the thread to correct them as well as the public shaming of them for their error, I didn't feel it was worth doing and served no value other than negative, thank you for doing it for me. Yes, at least in the photo Gerry is referring to seeing, which has Joshua Tree's that is probably what he meant..... See.. zero value add, but thank you none the less for your <fingers doing air quotes>valuable<fingers doing air quotes> contribution to the thread. 😜
  11. When using headphones, I use Sennheiser HD 598's, they're GREAT as they let a little bit of external audio come through (great for bears, cougars (no not the martini drinking ones), and snakes) while at the same time cutting out wind noise. Highly recommended. I use them either plugged in direct or through a Steel Phase SP01. https://en-us.sennheiser.com/audio-headphones-high-end-surround-sound-hd-598 Jen
  12. Thank you for this, it doesn't affect me as I only buy NF and I buy direct from Chris at AZO for said coils. I had a defective out of the box 25" DD that I sent back and had a replacement from Chris within a couple days (he sent the new one back right away before getting the defective one back). Your post and my experience has shown me it's always best to buy from a reputable dealer or if used, a trustworthy forum board member if possible. The used NF's I've purchased from members have all been flawless... it's a good community. I was in Bendigo at a dealers house one day and saw a Chinese clone GPX 5000 and it was crazy how identical it looked.... till you turned it on... LOL Takeaway... you won't get warranty service like this from a clone/Chinese product. Jen
  13. I was just about to say "oh here we go again" LOL... Thanks Steve
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