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  1. Ok kids... boy do I have a treat for you... I just got back from a trip to Doc's secret lab in Las Vegas.... while I was there I picked up a special little item... it's charging at the moment... but I'll have a little write up in the next few days, once I pair it with the GPX 6000 and have a chance to use it... oh boys n goyles... I think you're gonna like this little gem...... stay tuned... Jen
  2. Iiiiiiiiii dooon't knoooooowwww... Goldzilla may give that a run for the money in size, would be interesting to know yardage... cool video though, thanks for sharing. Jen FF to 3:42
  3. If still looking, call Doc, he had three on Friday, I scooped one.... 🙂 https://docsdetecting.com/product/gpx6000-accessory-items/ Jen
  4. Thank you Chase, exactly what I was looking for, it was it was disappointing to see my new Apple Airpod Pro's are not low latency.. so am looking for options, thanks again. Jen
  5. Some of the nicest gold I "did" find in Canada was found within 50' of the beach tide line my friend.. LOL... Gold is where you find it, not all of it is in the form of nuggets. 🙂
  6. I use to run an E-Trac back when I lived in Vancouver, BC but our Canadian coins didn't show up well, and the only way to have them show was to run wide open and it just did your head on with false targets, once I saw that first little glitter of gold in the ground I never looked back...
  7. Just a little bump for GREAT response and service..... After seeing the above posting, I reached out to SteveG yesterday about a longer lower for my 6000, he replied within minutes, told me what he had and within an additional few minutes I had a Paypal invoice, it was paid and it'll be on it's way shortly, I'll take some piccies showing stock and with the 26" when it arrives.. thank you Steve.... Super fast and friendly response time.. Jen
  8. Here are the excellent directions Doc wrote. https://docsdetecting.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/GPX6000-Install-Cover-PUBLISH-Vista.pdf Jen
  9. Thank you all for the warm welcome.... have an awesome evening. Jen
  10. https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/3352-nf-evo-finds-me-14oz-patch-in-gold-basin/?tab=comments#comment-37338
  11. You may have seen it on one of the Aussie forums or AZO, I posted it there just after it happened but hadn't posted it here.. thanks.
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