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    Sitting on the steps of my local Garrett dealer waiting for my Axiom to arrive.
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    Garrett Axiom, Minelab SDC2300, GPX-4500, GPX-5000, GPZ7000 (misc wet equip Heckler Fabrication 30 ton per hour trommel etc).

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  1. Well the line ups of unhappy 6k owners are growing and waiting for when that day comes. Mine's paid for and whenever it gets here, it gets here.. the gold's been there millions of years, it's not going anywhere. https://www.prospectingaustralia.com/threads/new-pi-from-garrett-axiom.39863/page-5#post-653859
  2. Kind of hard to find nuggets with a vaporware/ imaginary detector.
  3. Changing a battery type or even adding the knuckle protector and cuff cover in no way compares to failures we’ve seen with the 6. We’ve experienced actual problems making the unit unusable to many, the items you mentioned are nice to have upgrades they can mail you to install, Minelab can’t mail you an EMI fix for the 6k.
  4. So to follow your logic you’re saying previous detector problems were resolved with the release of the GPX-4600, GPX-5100, SDC-2400, and a GPZ 7100? I don’t recall them being released….. mainly because back then Minelab produced and released fully tested detectors that didn’t need to be essentially rebuilt to fix multiple flaws like we’re seeing now. At this point with the 6, if they made cars you’d be better off jacking up the ignition key and putting a new car under it if you started having problems…. That’s what I did, got my warranty replacement and once I tested it and determined it was working properly flogged it off before it changed it’s mind.
  5. You wrote exactly what I was thinking, bloody ridiculous.
  6. See what happens Garrett when we have to wait for a new detector we know is about to be birthed, we lose our minds and start watching trash videos like that out of frustration. 🤣
  7. Yea that’s exactly what it was, just was a good laugh to see suck a cluster f of a video… lol
  8. Kind of a convoluted bi-polar, disorganized, cluster-f, difficult to watch, mess of a video but has “some” pretty pictures.
  9. No not at all, they all have a place in the tickle trunk. The happy face is for the no EMI and other problems my 6 had, and the lightness no harness etc factor over the 7.
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