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  1. I got this from beach and I really want to know what it is. Iam literally stumped because I am not getting any clue that what could be this . And one more notable thing is that this rock is super solid and hard unlike its appearance
  2. So this is what I get. Now I don't know if quartz have actually scratched its surface or it is quartz powder.
  3. And I think another test is heating test. If this stone breaks in 10 minutes after constant heating on high temperatures then it would not be a sapphire. Anyways I will try both methods.
  4. these are the same black inclusions that my sapphire has does it lower the quality?
  5. Yes iam understanding what you are trying to say. I have recently checked that it was more harder than quartz and porclain/ceramic tile. I think it is a very low quality sapphire because it does not have any cleavage.
  6. Iam not sure which sample you are talking about?
  7. Are you talking about these photos or my specimen?
  8. Yes I think it needs some polishing. But i think all rough uncut sapphires looks like this
  9. I think this is what an exact raw sapphire looks like.
  10. Is this a raw sapphire?I got this from a mountain.
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