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  1. Thanks everyone! I was able to adventure outside today, my plan was to scout some sites. First site in Big Sky was private, removed from my list. Second site in Big Sky was Dudley Creek Trailhead, walked about two miles up and then removed from list. Third site to the North near Wilbur, Petterson Road leads up the the forest. Found a well marked active claim, then walked a hill to the East finding lots of nails and a few lead bullets. Beautiful day, sorry no pics today. Mistakes today: - forgot my cold water bottle, but i keep emerg water under the back seat Things that worked: - new wide brim hat is fantastic - carried less To be solved: - need a pin pointer
  2. I've been prospecting with my shovel and high banker for many years, though I grew tired of hauling all that heavy gear around. Always wanted a metal detector and now I have one. Gerry has helped to outfit me with one of those GPZ 7000 rigs. I now live in Bozeman Montana, surrounded by some amazing geology, history and beautiful mountains. My objective is to get out and into the mountains, away from the crowds. Currently researching the local mountains as I have found lots of quartz just off to the side of the trails, now I can go back and see of there is anything hidden within the dirt. I look forward to the adventures!
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