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  1. I know you’re beat up after all that you have been through and I totally understand. But, you might want to pursue getting your ATV back. The tow agency is required by law to notify the registered owner immediately. I realize that didn’t happen. Your ATV is a “Recovered/Stolen” vehicle. The tow agency cannot charge storage fees on a recovered/stolen. Your ATV was not parked illegally nor was it a police impound. Those are cases where storage fees are collected. I’m going by California law as that’s where I live. I sure hope Arizona law is not too different. I wish you good luck. Mike W.
  2. R.I.P. Fred. You greatly helped me get started in all of this. I am forever grateful.
  3. Really, really nice Norm. Good goin’ ! Mike W.
  4. Don’t worry, JohnnyS, I got your “What coin?” question. Hope all is well. Mike W.
  5. Hey Trevor - You have no idea how much I appreciate your response and help. Your thoughts about it being the end of the season in the west totally makes sense. I have no concerns about the warranty as evidenced by the fact that I’ve already removed the 8 inch stock coil. I just need to make the decision on which Gold Extreme to start off with. I may very well contact you for some additional help. Again, many thanks for the response. Best - Mike W.
  6. There has been very little said on the performance of these new coils for us who hunt in the deserts in and around CA, AZ and NV. I am also very much interested in how the swinging of the SDC has improved with the position of the shaft in the coil’s center. Of course, anyone who would like to add how the 10x5 is working, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. This is a great write-up. Thanks to GB_Amateur for taking the time to put it together. Congrats to Gerry and his crew!
  8. Very nice, Patrick! Good goin’ ! Mike W.
  9. Way to go, Norm! My hero! Mike W.
  10. Thanks, 57 Buick, for the Radius Gardens info. I went to their website...very cool looking stuff. I’ve already placed an order. Mike W.
  11. Never boring, very often educational and always inspiring! Thanks!
  12. Hey Dave, Congratulations on a great day yesterday. But the classic is, "...hotter than a goat's ass in a pepper patch!" I read that to my wife and she said those hot rocks at Franconia must be really HOT! Mike W.
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