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  1. Congratulations Simon and Dilek!!! Great stuff! This is what I want from my detector manufacturer and my fellow aficionados - constructive discussion-. You both got me closer to the Legend. And the I nfo about the future PI is, to say it mildly, 🔥VERY EXCITING!!!🔥 - I cheer for a model for nugget detecting- 🤪 Also congrats to Steve for the house we meet! Cheerio
  2. Hey Badger! This video is about target acquisition. He is using two iron nails and a small gold nugget for demonstration. First, he is showing how fast the detector reacts to a target. Secondly he activates "Iron Bias - iron signal filtering-" and the machine only reacts to the gold nugget. It looks promising!! Apparently Alexandre Tartar has not drop the ball yet 🙂 . Anyway, I only found out about AQUA about 4 months ago so don´t feel (has much) the frustration of our fellow aficionados. My expectation is for the gold prospecting model !!
  3. Hey ks! My experience is with the monster. It’s the only machine I have detect with. My hunting ground is schist rocks and the machine It is very stable and I can use it between the 7 and 8 “gain”. When the ground changes you need to adjust the gain or “pump” say about ten times and just keep going. I also use the “auto plus” combined with the manual for target verification. It’s fairly light weighted and after a couple of ours I need 10 minutes to recover my arm stamina. Very good battery life, at least 12 hours!? Pretty awesome machine!! It will detect crazy small bits. It has two coils and I prefer the larger coil because for scouting because it’s not as sensible and will skip bird shotgun pellets. What I miss is target ID ( which I believe the NOX has). I hunt for gold nuggets and often I will dig nails from old cow shoes 🙂 - something I discover from detecting is that in the old days they would do it!- and these are made of a metal that often is mixed and gives strong non ferrous signals. If I had target ID I would skip those. The monster does give sound variations easy to identify in swallow targets but for deeper targets the variation is not as noticeable. The monster works for my current gold, which is gold 🙂 but because I need depth my future detector will be a PI. Anyway, if I was to decide for another VLF I will go for something with good target ID. Say a NOX or a Legend? Hope this info helped. Here is a photo of a “Cowshoe” for future memory… Cheerio!
  4. This was my first year detecting. Using a GM1000. I got 23gr total. About 100h detecting. The biggest piece is 8gr. In the photo there a 4 gr missing… Thank you all for the forum discussions! Happy New Year!!!!
  5. Today Chris Ralph "the professional prospector" 👍 posted a video in youtube that features someone from Fisher and this person teases about the new detector(s). Apparently there are two videos. The first is a sit down about detecting. In the second (not yet posted) they will they detecting in the field. Maybe the guy from Fisher will use a prototype!! Anyway it seems there may be something coming soon!
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