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  1. IMHO the Equinox 800 which I have limited time behind the screen with here in Portland, OR finds lots of coins and some rings too. What I noticed right out of the box was how (I use the 6" coil due to heavy trash park) well the Equinox found coins on edge, and found coins comingled with larger nails and other ferrous junk. I am impressed with the multi-frequency and ability to program tone breaks, tone volumes, etc. Yes, I am still learning but I like what I am learning. :)
  2. I found what worked better for me years ago. I only use shoulder bags --- used small laptop type --- 12" capacity and not much larger. The sling allows the bag to move with me, and allows me to brush it out of the way when needed, like using the park latrine, etc. The laptop sling or shoulder bag many times has built in cellphone pockets and many other useful accoutrements. IMHO the standard style detector bags/pouches bounce too much, get in the way and spill my coins and rings. Yes I have some pouches, and yes they sit on the shelf as back up. For example...
  3. I am very happy with the 6" coil availability. I know that many detectorists seem to find stuff in trashy parks with 11 inch or larger coils --- not me. Too much damn time wasted trying to separate out the good target from the surrounding trash. On the other hand; the 11" is way too big for anything except wide open fields or maybe the beach. On the machine I now use (Equinox) I have only used the 11" a few times and not happy with separation of target issues. The same with the Simplex which I dumped due to no small coils available. I did use the Simplex with the 5 by 6.5 coil and it was so much better. STILL not small enough for curb hunting and for heavy traffic (read as heavy trash) parks. IMHO
  4. Double-Clutching (Retuning) for the Equinox In reviewing the Andy Sabisch book on Equinox, as I usually reread manuals and aftermarket books multiple times to catch what I either missed in earlier readings; or now have better understanding of. "'Detuning' for Highly Accurate Pinpointing' tip on page 47 of the Andy Sabisch book covers this really well. I would quote the directions here but don't want to plagiarize.
  5. I know diddly-squat about electronics, so here is my best explanation of ratchet pinpointing. This was also called (and electronically controlled by) VCO i.e. Voltage Controlled Oscillation. So this basically means the electronics are tuned to push voltage to an oscillator device (internal to the detector) --- the closer to target, the more electronic feedback (signal strength) being received drives the oscillator higher and higher in pulses. The White's XLT I used back when had a function setting that would turn off the ratcheting of VCO, but still allowed the pitch and volume to get higher when you were directly over target. I use the EQ 800 and cannot hear any 'ratcheting' but I definitely can hear the gain in volume and pitch when in pinpoint mode and I have center just in front of stem; using the 6" coil. I understand that different sized coils and designs will change the performance a bit from coil to coil. The 11" coil was and still is a mother-bear for me to pinpoint with in dense trash parks and when detecting parking strips too. Wiggle is the word with Double-D coils, so you advance forward and back, move around 20 degrees or so and repeat and where the coil comes off the sound from 2 or 3 angles, this will be the sweet spot for center. I hope this helps rather than confuses you. Happy Hunting
  6. Here is link to page on TreasureNet with settings sheet in JPG format which I believe I can use for now. OK, I am not allowed to post links I guess.
  7. Thanks GB_Amateur and midalake, Both of your suggestions are valid and food for thought in my situation. My area of NW Oregon (Portland Metro) the ground has plenty of mineralization and I hunt primarily in target littered inner city parks and parking strips. I am trying some suggested settings and learning little-by-little.
  8. OK, here is what I came up with so far; mistakes and all. :) please see attached Excel Spreadsheets. Any suggestions/comments/corrections/ideas/etc. ? thanks, nwdetectorist aka Doyle Equinox 800 Custom Settings.xls
  9. Blank Sheet for Recording Custom Settings for my Nox 800 OK, Ok; back in the day of my XLT Spectrum... ...I had a notebook full of custom settings for my records. Now I can convert (scan and save as) to Word Document or Adobe Acrobat to save and carry with my Smart Phone. Problem is, I cannot seem to find a sheet to copy online. I know I could create my own, but... HELP! Started a list to see if I have the settings in the right order. Does anyone have suggestions and/or corrections for the following list. OK; what order for the Equinox Settings Sheet??? 1. What preset program to start with 2. How many tones; 2, 5, 50 3. Ground balance setting and/or auto balance 4. Setup accept/reject notches for your hunt site or hunt style 5. Select Volume for each tone region 6. Select Tone Pitch for each tone region 7. Set tone break, preferably at 1 8. Set recovery speed for conditions or accept default 9. Run Noise Cancel 10. etc. etc. etc. what am I forgetting
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