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  1. I used the computer gaming headphones "Razer Kraken" at hand and for the test at the handset I cut the cable, soldered to a small amplifier which is powered by a battery and connected to a vibration motor through the bridge. There was no sound of the loudspeaker in the detector, but when there is metal above the coil, the motor vibrates. If there is nothing, the motor turns slightly.
  2. I have already dipped the Equinox 800 several times and everything is fine, I know that in deeper water in the lakes there are signals, but you need to know what and at what depth on the bottom. I plan to do so up to 2.5 m in the vicinity of the bathing beach and piers. Hence the need for vibration. I have Simplex + nice machine but not everything, Nox800 yes 🙂
  3. I connected a mass resistor with the right channel, the motor rotates slightly and when there is a signal on the coil, it vibrates strongly, only it bothers me that the motor vibrates slightly.
  4. This way, I can miss interesting signals, I would have to look at the LED all the time. I can't find such waterproof headphones
  5. Thanks for the tip. I found something like this: https://youtu.be/iShD8pGeYR8?t=136
  6. Hello, I am looking for a solution on how to vibrate the Equinox 600/800 detector for a deaf person who will use it underwater. As you know, a deaf person wears hearing aids that are not waterproof and cannot be immersed under water, and in these headphones he is not able to hear the signals, too much hearing loss is about 95dB. I did a few attempts with a small amplifier and vibration motor from an old cell phone, but there are problems: - after connecting the system to the Nox800 on the cable, the motor makes a slight buzzing noise but does not react to the metal signal in the coil, - after connecting the system to the WM08 wireless module, the vibration works great on signals, but unfortunately after the detector is submerged under water, it loses the wireless connection. - if I connect the headphone (computer) cable to the Noxa800 and at the end of the handset (the signal is heard in the headphones) I cut the cable and solder it to the system, vibration works great on the signals. Why is it that the vibration does not work directly on the cable and it works through the headphone cable? Is there anyone on the forum who will cover this topic? One more thing. The deaf person uses an induction loop instead of headphones, which works with the hearing aid above the water and on the ground. This loop connected to the detector via the cable is perfect, but when it is connected to the WM08, a buzzing can be heard in the background. How to do it to eliminate interference?
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