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    Gold nuggets with a detector and trophy brown trout fishing in central oregon
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    Whites detectors minelab sdc 2300 and gpx 6000

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  1. I agree no argument but I prefer 12 x7 get back to me after you run the 12x7 I would like to here your thoughts
  2. Use what ever coil you want my friend I thought this forum was not to insult a persons opinion i am not odd
  3. Sensitivity stability deeper targets more targets the coiltek coils are good coils I prefer the 9 inch round over 10 x5 the only way you find this out is compare them yourself and you can decide what coil you prefer they all find gold
  4. The 12 x 7 is my go to coil have the 10 x 5 and the 9 inch round coiltek
  5. When using the 2300 I use the bungee can run all day with good coil control when I use the 6000 with the double d coil I run a swing arm and it balances out great. Don't own a 7000 but as heavy as that thing is l would use a bungee and the swing arm together
  6. Thanks Gerry that is a spot on post about the 6000 that is exactly what I have found out when using the 6000.
  7. For long days in the field swinging a heavy detector do you prefer a swing arm or bungee system. Your opinions
  8. Have you tried a swing arm it seems to balance out better on the 6000 for me
  9. I run in manual 8 9 and 10 normal ground when in auto auto 2 normal ground this is for northern Calif. When the ground is wet from the rains I switch to difficult ground . With the gpx 6000.. For Nevada with the gpx 6000 do you guys prefer manual or auto sensitivity
  10. How many hours run time are most of you guys getting on a set of gpx 6000 batteries 7.5 for me with no back light
  11. That's funny he showed me pictures l am going to do the same
  12. Just wanted to say thanks too Gerry for the training on the gpx 6000 at rye patch and a special thank you to Eli you made my brother and I better Nevada nugget hunters .We put a lot of hours on the 6000 in northern .ca. before the training and found a good bit of gold it is a hell of a machine. Just nice to get the pros to teach us more. all the guys at the training were awesome and made some new friends that we will be hunting with this spring Thanks again Gerry
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