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    Love pretty much anything that has to do with the outdoors.
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    Gold Monster 1000, SDC 2300, Home Built Highbanker, Rzr Xp900, Blood, and Sweat.

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  Hi Adam here from Dirty Paws Gold Adventures. I currently live in California just north of Reno NV. I caught the gold bug in 2018 when a friend of mine took me to his claim in Plumas National Forest. Had so much fun running his highbanker with him on his claim that I ended up getting the claim down creek attached to his. since then most my time spent getting gold has been at my claim using a home made highbanker chasing the gold with my dogs. in April 2021 purchased my first metal detector (Gold Monster 1000) and took it up to my claim. The detector worked well on the soil areas but when I tried detecting the endless stacked piles of stone too big for the sluices that the miners threw aside it went crazy, too mineralized. On our 4th of July 2021 trip my friend and I went to our claims. Just 50 yards upstream from my claim on my friends claim, he found a very nice sharp edged gold/quartz specimen. after that I knew I wanted a detector more fit for my claim. was looking at the Sdc 2300 for a while but did not want to spend the money on the unit until I was confident I could operate and understand one correctly. I saw that Gerry from Gerry's Detectors had a 3 day detecting class at the Rye Patch in NV just a few hours from where I live. I signed My girlfriend (Nicoles Gold) and I up for the class and ordered the Minelab Sdc 2300. The class was great. Gerry and all of his staff were amazing. The amount of knowledge between them is infinite. my girlfriend was armed with the Gold Monster and I used the Sdc 2300. bye the end of the class we were both very comfortable with the detectors. What a great time we had. Now we are trying to figure out more places to detect and new faces to detect with. Always wanting to grow my knowledge, experience, and respect of prospecting. 

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