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  1. AU_Solitude

    GPX 5000 Help

    I don't know how large your fire pit is, but something sounds fishy...it should be wailing long before that. My initial thought would be some wacky settings but if the problem truly "comes and goes," like you say, factory reset isn't doing anything, it probably needs to be sent in. Maybe it took one too many knocks and got rattled. Good luck!๐Ÿคจ
  2. AU_Solitude

    $300 Waterproof Beach Pi Detector

    Rick, I have played with the VMH3CS extensively as well, and for a non-motion metal detector they pack some serious punch, even with the factory small coil. I would argue they hit even deeper than a white's TDI on coin size targets. They are definitely not a machine for the gold fields. Although they can handle difficult ground mineralization, exceptionally well, in my view the sensitivity just isn't there at depth for small gold. (The tool can be used for the job, but it definitely isn't the BEST tool.) If all an individual is after is larger than gram gold, and/or coins and relics, they are fantastic little machine - as are most of the units that Vallon has produced. The mosquito-esque piezo will wear on you after a while!
  3. AU_Solitude

    Wtg Chris Ralph

    That was a very good read. ๐Ÿ‘
  4. AU_Solitude

    Unknown Nugget

    It's just lead. I was going to suggest essentially what you've already done, lead has a low melting point, put a match to it, a lighter, it will quickly become apparent what it is.
  5. Looks awesome, Jim! That had to be quite the undertaking - do you have photo's of a prototype? Do you have plans to take this to market?
  6. AU_Solitude

    Has Peak Gold Been Seen?

    One of the beautiful things about gold is that even if tomorrow massive placer gold deposits were discovered on Mars, the closest and most readily accessible celestial body, the cost of actually going there to retrieve the metal, then bringing it back, would far exceed the value of the metal itself. Even if recovery was simply picking it up from the surface. Moving things into, and out of space, isn't cheap. Gold prices are in no immediate danger from off earth mining - not in our lifetimes!
  7. This is sad news. This magazine was a major influence in my start of detecting as a kid.
  8. AU_Solitude

    Has Peak Gold Been Seen?

    This shouldn't be too long from now. I speculate we will see $2000 an ounce gold by 2020. We should be entering a period of economic recession, as we're long overdue, the market seems like it's just figuring this out over the last month. A lot of deep pockets will be moving equity into gold, or gold based ETFs as a security vehicle to carry them through.
  9. TnSharpshooter, what are your thoughts on this machine having some sort of proprietary "multiple-domain" VLF-PI technology? Is this really just another VLF? My curiosity has been piqued...
  10. AU_Solitude

    Garrett ATX

    Great pulse induction detector that gets a really bad rep some of the time because of it's weight. The detector itself is cumbersome. It feels much more bulky, when folded, and when in operation than the SDC or other mine detecting platforms - which is what the housing is based on, the Garrett Recon. I love being able to stuff the SDC in a backpack and barely feel it while hiking, you CAN stuff the ATX in a bag, but you are going to be poked and prodded because of its awkward collapsed shape that doesn't fit well in smaller backpacks (think greater than 35L or 21" plus main compartment depth.) The first generation of coils were quick to wear, and there is still issues with pinch points when collapsing the shaft in the body of the detector. I put its detection abilities in the middle ground between the SDC on small gold, and the GPX 4500 on deeper gold. Replacement or additional coils are prohibitively expensive for most, and do not offer any real additional performance when compared to the stock DD coils. The only aftermarket coil that seems worthwhile is the 8", and it's not for increased performance as much as it is maneuverability in tighter areas. I am finding the iron grunt future saves me considerable time when working hot hydraulic areas littered with can slaw and square nails. The detector makes a pretty recognizable double bleep over square nails, when on their sides, in which case using the iron ID often isn't necessary. I love compact detectors, this ones biggest weak point is it's heft. It's a solid performer for those who have no problem throwing the weight around.
  11. AU_Solitude

    Minelab SDC 2300

    What Lunk said. Has found me more gold than all other detectors combined.
  12. Fantastic piece! Almost big enough to be called a PB&J.
  13. Making functioning mono coils is actually fairly simple. If you're into tinkering with that stuff check out the geotech forums. I've built a surf-pi and chance pi detector, and while they aren't anything I'd use in the gold fields, it's fun to familiarize yourself with the basics of the tech behind pulse induction.
  14. AU_Solitude

    Gold I (almost) Ignored

    Thanks for posting those FlakMagnet, I love seeing large Sierra gold. That's a beautiful piece!
  15. http://www.euronews.com/2018/09/09/hundreds-of-roman-gold-coins-discovered-in-italian-theatre