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  1. Has anything changed as far as law enforcement is concerned? Or, is this just a newfound loophole? The article isn't very clear.
  2. If anyone already has a hobbyist drone you can get a jump on things - minus the detector - by mounting a FLIR camera. Or, there is the option to just buy an already equipped drone - DJI and a few other brands sell these. This makes it remarkably easy to find adits to mines and cave entrances as they stand out like dark blobs due to air temperature variance on hot days - it works best if you have a really good day-->night temperature swing. Finding undocumented mines sometimes will put you on top of gold. 🚁 https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/1742-6596/1368/3/032032/pdf https://www.flir-direct.com/product/flir-436-0020-00-vue-pro-r-radiometric-thermal-camera-with-9-mm-lens-for-drones
  3. I hear that an individual in Northern California recently stumbled upon a nugget weighing over 16oz troy - anyone have any photos or the story of this find yet? This is the largest CA find I am aware of since the Butte nugget.
  4. So anyone else reading "an ease of use technology" as a push towards operation simplification? I mean, names can be misleading but I would have to think they are implying this GeoSense is some new version of automatic ground tracking, possibly combined with automatic tuning for ground conditions? An attempt to "idiot-proof" it similar to the SDC and Monster? A GPX/SDC in one will be great (maybe not to those whom already own both). Given the teasers they have released thus far, and given the good machines in the market, I think this one is going to find a home around that $6,000 mark.
  5. I have a 20cf tank and the harness seen here - https://www.mantusmarine.com/product/scubatank-harness/?gclid=Cj0KCQiA-rj9BRCAARIsANB_4ADODtoEPWV7-Bcemhg0sdGdBioIw0ntDMfemeyhSY3mQkBwG-BLv6MaAh3aEALw_wcB They offer the whole compact package but I use my own regs and other equipment. I have packed all of this equipment in to do some pretty remote mountain diving and it's been great. I can get 25-30 mins bottom time off the 20cf bottle. Great for quick sniping.
  6. 4 C batteries can be charged by solar just as well as any battery powered VLF's unless I am missing something. A solar panel and charger is already extraneous bulk regardless of the detector. You can also get lithium adapters for the small lithium cells that most definitely are easy to charge and you can bank a solid 6-8 hours of detecting off of.
  7. Most hard rock gold isn't going to be free milling or detectable.
  8. SDC 2300 for me hands down. Not that much lighter than your GPX5k but form and function for rough country detecting.
  9. How much does it supplement your income? It doesn't. Even if you were to prospect full time, I highly doubt anyone is making a fortune in the U.S. prospecting full time - I know a few people that do OK. Most can make far more money with their day jobs. Large nuggets are far more rare than most realize. Those I do find I keep as "Trophies". In a pinch I'd sell my nuggets off, they are like a savings account. What about chiggers and ticks, do you have to deal with those pesky critters too out in dry climates? Ticks, yes, I dig a few out of my skin every year Other than your machine and digging stuff, what else does one take along while prospecting for those just in case you need it scenarios? Water, small first aid kit, fire starter, Emergency blanket, etc., - I keep things light, generally under 15-20lbs. equipment total. Do you hunt mostly on a claim or public land? Public lands.
  10. It was incredibly visible to the naked eye on Saturday morning as I drove to the Sierras - right before dawn on the eastern Horizon.
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