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  1. So I got the 77 file and the 78. I tried 78 on a quarter. Worked good. Then went back on 77. Gave me a message saying I was going back to a previous version and to know the differences between each version or something like that. 77 worked good on the quarter as well. So I don’t think it messed anything up
  2. Were you able to get 2.77 to work? Also hoping you can share this file with me because I can’t find it anywhere:(
  3. Sounds good thanks! My simplex came as 2.68 and I had never updated it. So not sure if I would have issues going from 78 to 77
  4. Ya I see the 278. I have just seen a lot of people bag the 278 and say to stick with the 277. So that’s why I’m trying to go with the 277. Idk if anyone on here runs the 278 and has good things to say
  5. Looking for the 2.77 software version. Does anybody have it that would be willing to share it? It would be greatly appreciated since I can’t find it anywhere on the internet
  6. You wouldn’t happen to have the 2.77 file would you??
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