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  1. Hi everyone, I wanted some info on a classic tesoro detector, the lobo supertraq; to begin I would like to understand from which series the tesoro has made the last modifications, I ask this because I believe that already the version with rod and gray box and 10x5 inch coil should have the latest electronic modifications; I saw that in 2018 a series called HT was released which has a 12x10 inch coil and the electronic box placed behind it; having found a version with a small 10x5 plate I wanted to know if it already has the latest changes, because the ht version is not found; another question, on the online manual I read that the automatic balance (I read around that it works very well) performs it only on all metal, so when it goes into discriminate it stays on the last point recorded in all metal, or it only refers to the fixed balance of the three-position diverter of the ground ??? last thing how is this detector on saline beach, even near the water, and in areas with dark volcanic sand? Thank you Hello
  2. the eclipse for mxt series no problem, but the series v-nulled for v3i in past have many problem (many friends have problem with v-nulled lost)
  3. skull i don't search in water with the tdi sl, but only in dry beach. Sei Italiano?
  4. I take this opportunity to ask for advice, I would like to take an elliptical coil to use where there is a lot of dirt and on the ground to enter even between stones and narrow areas, it must be light, but that does not lose much depth .... I found two coils, one razorback australian 10x6 and a miner john 12,5x7,5 folded mono (but does this measure really exist or is the seller wrong? I knew it was 12x8) which one do you recommend between the two?
  5. when detect near the sea water set the delay at 14-15 us
  6. hello,when you do the tests especially at home or even outside the home in the garden, however in a built-up area there are often emi problems, because now modern houses are worse than nuclear power stations (wifi modem router, bluetooth, telephone repeaters, etc.) even if with other detectors you have not had the same problems and they turn out to be silent does not mean that they are not affected by interference, in fact never do tests near or inside the house. For example, I have the CTX 3030 that if I turn it on inside the house and turn on a neon lamp it goes crazy! For the speech plates I confirm what is written above by others, on my experience and tests made by other friends in dedicated forums, the best plates for the v3i are the small ones, I would say not to go beyond the 12x10 sef ..... also eprche the vlf white's suffer a little from mineralized soils and black sands, to date the best tested is the detech ultimate from 7 "DD really an excellent plate, you can keep high gain without signal phases, stable at hemi, and in mineralized it is better than plates Another excellent plate that is no longer found is the mars sniper 10x6 .... I do not recommend the whites eclipse 10x6 ... they have given you a bit of annoyance ....
  7. yes , i protected the tdi with specific rain cover. in the photo at the second exit (the first almost only of tests) the tdi sl has found its first yellow: D
  8. I forgot, skull my problem is not that the tdi feels the rings like coins, but that it does not feel them in depth if I set the gb to 7.5-8 I have to set it or more or to a minimum .....
  9. thank you at all for the reply! Skull I opened this post not only to understand why I lose the rings in depth, but also to understand if it was a technical problem with my tdi.I also tried to turn up the pulse delay, but with the balance over 8 I make the situation worse and I have even more feedback from the ground. Also by increasing the pulse delay you begin to lose the little jewels. Unfortunately with my land and my beaches I cannot turn with overbalance, too bad because in this way it would hear the targets much deeper.
  10. Hello guys, I finally signed up to this excellent forum, I had been reading it for some time and with the excuse of having bought a TDI SL I signed up to interact with you .... I get to the point, I live in Sicily, at the foot of the volcano Etna, i search more in beach, my beaches many times are very mineralized and with the presence of black sand and black stones.I bought the tdi sl for this to be able to go deeper where the vlf stop, and because I am a fan of white's quality (in my fleet I also have a v3i and I had mxt pro) I currently have two plates, the standard 12 dual field and the coiltek mono 14 "TDI series specific. I generally go hunting for coins and jewels, use the tdi with a 12.6 volt lithium battery, and do some tests by burying an 18k gold ring at 30 cm (+/- 12 ") Gain at max, delay at 10 us, threshold barely audible not annoying, gb on at 7.5, conductivity position all, is the limit for this ring. I tested it with gb off and it hears very well. By mounting the 14 "coiltek things change, with gb on, battery full, same settings as above, at 30 it detects it well. I tried to bury the ring at 41 cm (+/- 14 ") and I discovered a strange operation, if I correctly balance the tdi at about 7.5 the ring does not feel it, if I overbalance the ring at 8.5 I feel very good at 41 cm and I can even raise the plate by another 6-8 cm still feeling good. Is this behavior normal? the problem is that by overbalancing then I cannot search on the beach because the false balance signals return to me. The same thing happens by underbalancing, putting the balance to the minimum (gb at 2 or 3) the ring is heard well. If underbalance it gives it to me with a high tone and therefore low conductivity, if overbalance it gives it to me with a low tone therefore with high conductivity. also does with the standard 12 plate I therefore noticed that there is a balance range that cuts the ring, but I want to point out that it only happens when the ring is at great depths, doing the test with the ring resting only on the sand and buried a little deep, this cut is not heard, and going the gb the only thing I notice that at gb 5.5 is the limit of how the ring sounds, from gb 1 to 5.5 it sounds high-pitched, from gb 5.6 to massimo plays it in a low tone. so I wanted to understand if when the ring is at a high depth and is cut it is normal or not since overbalancing or underbalancing it can be heard, while with the correct gb it is not! the metal is as new it is from 2020. I only have the doubt that at high depth the ring is exchanged with the same level of ground balance and therefore cuts it to me even if it actually feels it. The Problem that I can't walk on the beach over-balanced, it's impossible, so when I balance correctly now I always have the doubt that I will lose rings in depth ...... I have read Steve's guides, I hope he can answer too .... . soon I will make another 16.8 volt lithium pack, I wonder if the problem will recur ... I apologize for the long topic but I had to explain everything correctly goodbye and thank you from the land of oranges and lava Salvo
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