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  1. Wow. This EX xs looks brand new. Very different operating systems. Can't wait to hit the beach !!!
  2. Well I hope I made the right choice. Gettysburg Electronics had a minelab Explorer XS in mint condition with both types of batteries and head phones for $ 400.00. It's on its way. Can't Wait !!!
  3. Yes indeed. But I can only afford one machine so sovereign out. E trac is where I'm headed ;;!!!!
  4. I just watched a video that demonstrates how slow the recovery speed is on the Sovereign and how you will miss alot of targets because of it. I guess I need to look at a different minelab machine !
  5. Thanx Steve. Trying to locate a Sovereign Elite, not having much luck !
  6. Wet n dry none submersible. But hopefully with audio tone disc. Thanx Steve
  7. I am leaning towards the sand shark. Garrett no longer in the running. Sand Shark or Sovereign series now. BBS vs PI . I know both are excellent and probably couldn't go wrong with either. Warranties are not an issue for me. I truly believe that in some things. Old school rules !
  8. I don't know, his picture while metal detecting and listing him as the finder should be with the exhibit! Now that would be awesome!!
  9. You must be referring to the Gold Strike, yes, its not for everyone, but right up my alley!!
  10. I Don't do any testing ! I research. Then I buy. Then I hunt. I get so confused sometimes with all the research. And when I get confused. I just read Steve Hershbach thoughts about it, and ZIP ZIP . No more confusion!!
  11. As I go over this thread. I believe the lack of interest in the Gold Strike was just like Steve said, he didn't give it a fair chance ! I use my GS almost exclusively, I love the user FRIENDLY settings. If you learn this machine, you will love the versatility! The digital read out with plus and minus with numerical sequence is phenomenal in discrimination! I just love it ! I can always get Another GMT if I find someone that will trade me for a Eurka Gold.
  12. I use my Fisher Gold Strike almost every weekend. This is my second GMT. I would trade for a Sovereign GT as well. I have never owned a Minelab. I Live in Alabama and I think either of the minelab Eureks gold or Sov GT will be handy ?!!?
  13. Lol, Chevy chase. I guess were two of a kind when it comes to naked women in a pool. Lol. Sorry couldn't help the comparison.. Any way no takers, my GMT doesn't have a scratch on it. Will trade for Eureka Gold in semi similar condition !! stealth1214@gmail.com
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