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    Anchorage, Alaska
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    Owner/Operator at Cold Gold Mining Co,, AMA member, AMA Board of Director, Member of the 40 Mile mining district
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    Ran and owned every size Keene dredge ever offered to the public. Currently own a 6" & 8" Keene Suction dredge, Goldfield 30 Trommel, 311B Cat Excavator, 450 Case Dozer.

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  1. Ok.. gotta throw mine in too... this is from Steve Herschbach, Jeff Reed and myself. I think this was our first trip in there(?) Maybe you'd remember Steve.
  2. KEENE 8” SUCTION DREDGE with twin electric 18hp Vanguard motors with Tachometers and the pumps have been tapped for cold weather draining. Each motor has its own 263 air compressor, 1ea 4 gallon stainless steel reserve tank with inline air filter and pressure gauge, sluice box has been modified from Hydraulic riffles to #3 expanded metal for better fine gold recovery. Extra swivel tip and extra 20’ length of hose on a brand new aluminum tilt bed double wide 12’ snowmachine trailer. $15,000.00
  3. Because "most" dredgers are fair weather dredgers.. you really only need a drain if you're going to be in freezing weather. It's easy enough to do it yourself but big kudo's to Keene for putting a little more in the correct spot for the drain. A little inside fyi.. Keene pumps might start coming with the intakes on the pump threaded so you can screw the intake hose on, that way you won't get any air.
  4. Sorry.. I am out as well, I've been trying to get ahold of the vendor but they won't respond.
  5. Yeah, right where the end of my hose is there was a really rich layer of black sand/Gold about 2" out of the water but it was frozen. I was doing about 1/4 to 1/2 oz per hour out of it.
  6. Yup.. They had a price increase last year but they're forced again to have another increase.
  7. Just an FYI, Keene will have another price increase the end of this month.. 3-5% across everything.
  8. Thanks for the thought Joe but we can't do that.. we voided the transaction but I greatly appreciate you thinking of us. Thanks, Brian
  9. Sorry, I'm sold out but will hopefully get some more next season. I use them too for clean up in my operation of my 8" dredge.. I use them too in my clean ups on my 8" dredge...
  10. Thanks Steve.. that's pretty awesome. You probably could've worn that piece of gold out like an earring.. lol.. looks like something kids wear these days!
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